Herbal Remedies for Migraines Without The Side Effects..

Herbal remedies for migraines.

These herbs we're going to list are the top ones that are well noted for the relief of migraines. Taken with prescription medicine or without, sufferers have found relief from pain. Still doesn't mean they'll work magic if known migraine triggers are still abused.  Migraines can run rampant if not managed. It's just something all sufferers have to contend with if they're prone to migraines.

We know migrainures that have mild and occasional migraines while others have exhausted their options for obtaining relief from theirs. While no doctor can guarantee the medicine they prescribe will help, about 95% of sufferers find relief.

Most anyone would rather take a more natural approach using mother natures herbs than take man made medicine that usually comes with their fair share of undesirable side effects. Below are the ones that have helped sufferers.

Top herbal remedies for migraines are:

Feverfew is recommended by many headache specialists that know about its ability to help headaches.

Feverfew is a flowering plant that's been used since ancient times to treat migraines and inflammation. Women  can benefit from this plant also for their menstrual. Feverfew has a chemical that prevents substances that cause inflammation from entering the bloodstream and traveling to the brain where they appear to be at least somewhat responsible for migraine pain.

Feverfew side effects.

  • If you were to buy feverfew leaves to chew they may cause sores in the mouth or stomach upset. 
  • Pregnant women should not take feverfew, because of the possibility of uterine contractions. 
  • DO NOT take feverfew if you have a blood clotting disorder of taking anticoagulant medication (blood thinner). 

This medicine is like any medicine. It will take several months to see the full effects. 

Next herbal remedy for migraines.

Hundreds of years ago headache and migraine sufferers knew that Butterbur helped headaches, and that was enough. But today, studies have been done for the public. Here are several that pretty much sums up Butterbar.

Not only was butterbur found to help migraines, Butterbur can also help asthma.

Studies have shown that there are two ingredients in butterbur that help headaches. They are called petasin, and isopetasin. In migraine attacks there's swelling, and inflammation in blood vessels in the head during an attack. While petasin is thought to reduce spasms in the walls of the blood vessels, isopetasin has an anti-inflammatory effect, and it's important in inflammatory response.

Two clinical studies using a standardized butterbur extract over three months, showed as much as sixty percent reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks compared to placebo, and the pain and duration were also reduced.

Studies have also found that butterbur extracts reduce bronchial spasms in asthma, and bronchitis sufferers.

Also, for anyone that sufferers with allergies, butterbur for migraines works as well as antihistamines.

Ginger is another herb that helps with nausea and inflammation.

Ginger has been used for thousands of years for everything from migraines (nausea and vomiting) to menstrual cramps, bloating, loose stools, and even the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

All migraine sufferers not only have to deal with their pain, but a curve ball is usually thrown in to. And that is nausea. Nausea and vomiting are just several migraine symptoms. Even for an upset stomach, most everyone at sometime has bought a Ginger Ale for stomach queasiness. Buy something yummy to nibble on, such as gingerbread, gingerbread cookies, or gingersnaps for nausea. Ginger is another one of the herbal remedies for migraines.

We'll try not to make our page to long, so we'll give what else helps with migraines and headaches. The best thing is, you can find everything in the herbs, minerals, and vitamins that has been formulated to fight migraine disease in one bottle. You don't have to buy bottle after bottle, but just one.

Herbal remedies for migraine headaches plus vitamins.


This herb has been mentioned in Chinese writings as far back as A. D. 250-330 for its value as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and calming effects. It's another one of the herbal remedies for migraines and works for the relief of tension headaches.

HydroxyTryptoPhan or 5-HTP comes from an African plant called Griffonia Simplicifolia.

Doctors prescribe certain drugs to raise serotonin levels. It's been found that migraine sufferers have low levels of serotonin, which is vital to nerve fibers.

This compound 5-HTP, upon entering the body, quite rapidly converts to the neurotransmitter serotonin. And it does it as well as prescription drugs, with much fewer side effects. 5-HTP also has more medical uses it's used for.

Riboflavin or B2 for migraines

B2 is a vitamin that plays an important role in our bodies. Someone that sufferers with migraines, may have a higher need for this vitamin, and if there's a deficiency of Riboflavin, this may be the reason for those migraine attacks. A deficiency can cause blood vessel dilation. 

One such study was done on fifty four migraine sufferers. Giving 400mgs a day, for three months in a randomized controlled trial using Riboflavin and placebo, fifteen percent of the placebo users responded positively, while a whopping 59 percent of the Riboflavin had significant amount of migraine relief, with no major side effects.

Niacin for headaches

Although not as much material on niacin for headaches can be found as Riboflavin B-2 for migraines, or Feverfew, and Butterbur, (herbs) as well as magnesium (minerals) for headaches, but niacin still plays a role in migraine relief.

Studies as early as 1944 showed that niacin was effective in the relief of migraines.

In one study, 81% of the headaches that were reported, a positive response was to niacin. Another study of a hundred headache sufferers had a whopping 75% that had complete headache relief when given 100mg of niacin. And there are many more studies showing that niacin for migraines give a big percentage of headache sufferers relief.

While reading, and wondering what niacin is, it's a vitamin.

It's also called B-3. It's one of the water soluble B complex vitamins. Here's a good benefit of niacin other than being used for headaches. It helps a person naturally relax, and go to sleep sooner at night.

Last is a mineral that's all important to our well being. It's called magnesium, and a deficiency in it can cause migraines and headaches. Its found that most migraine sufferers have a shortage of this mineral. When combined with herbal remedies for migraines, its been found to be quite effective for eliminating headaches. As a reminder, none of these will stop a migraine in progress. All of these work such as the preventive medicine the doctor prescribes, and also as with preventives will take several months to be fully effective.

We hope this page helped answer your question on herbal remedies for migraines. Our last page is about using magnetic therapy for migraines. Our first page was about how to cure migraines.

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