Everyone Gets A Headache Every Once in a While..


Types of headaches are determined by their symptoms.

Tension type are the most common of all followed by migraines and clusters.

Just about everyone has their head to hurt every once in awhile. My wife's specialist says that even migraines are normal. But when they are persistent, such as a person that has everyday pain, something is causing it and needs to be addressed. While most headaches are simply annoying, and distracting, they can also be painful and disabling. The key to managing them is to find out what kind you suffer from. Get the right diagnose, then learn all you can about your type and all the available treatments, both natural and prescription.

The symptoms of tension head_aches are:

  • A dull pain or pressure that occurs on both sides of the head in the scalp, temples, or the back of the neck. 
  • The pain may feel like a vise like ache, or someone squeezing a band around the head.
  • The muscles in the back of the neck may be tender and knotted to the touch.
  • With a tension type, the pain generally lasts for an hour or two, but sometimes can last longer. 

Causes, or triggers of a tension type

Our trigger page will go into more depth, but:

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety 
  • Fatigue 
  • Bad posture 
  • Oversleeping 
  • Depression

And to manage these, you can take each one, avoid it as best as you can, and try to get some exercise, this helps for long term relief.

Treatments for tension type head pain can be:

  • Rest, and relaxation. 
  • Taking a warm or cold shower. 
  • Over the counter pain reliever may knock the pain out.

What to know about migraines.

Migraine sufferers have a tendency to suffer with tension type headaches also. All migraine attacks have different pain levels. If there's no nausea and the pain level is on the low side some migraine specialist may say you're suffering with two types of headaches. Migraines are much more severe than tension type head pain and the symptoms are somewhat different. Migraines symptoms consist of:

  • Sensitivity to light, sound, or smell.
  • Nausea or vomiting 
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet. 
  • The pain can last from several hours to several days.
  • The pain is steady, sharp, burning, and piercing, and starts on one side of the head and may spread to both sides, unlike the squeezing of a tension type.

Triggers or causes of migraines


Some of the same ones that give head_aches can also trigger migraines.

  • Stress can cause any headache. Try to control it. 
  • Some foods and beverages such as alcohol should be seriously looked at.
  • Changes in sleep pattern can trigger migraines. 
  • Menstruation, and birth control pills in women. 
  • Weather changes affect some sufferers.

Cluster head_ache symptoms, triggers, and treatments.

It's said that clusters are worst than migraines. These can plague a person up to five times a day for weeks or months at a time then years may pass between attacks. Symptoms of clusters are:

  • Around the eye, temple, or forehead catches the pain. 
  • Sharp burning piercing is the pain. 
  • The eye and nose are effected on the side of the pain, such as bloodshot and tearing of the eye, drooping eyelid and runny nose. 
  • Each time the head throbs it can be from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Triggers for clusters are:

  • Heavy smoking makes them worst. 
  • By quitting, some sufferers have total relief. 
  • Alcohol abuse triggers, to prevent clusters stop. 
  • Some foods also trigger clusters as in migraines. 
  • Changes in sleep pattern can trigger clusters.

Breathing of pure oxygen for five to fifteenth minutes, along with certain medications help. 

Natural treatments to help all types.

Feverfew Plant
  • Vitamins such as B-2 and B-3 may help. 
  • Feverfew is doctor recommenced to help fight pain. 
  • Ginger helps with nausea and pain. 
  • Butterbur in studies has been found to work as well  as some preventive medicine. 
  • Most migraine sufferers have been found to be deficient in magnesium. Without an adequate amount head pain can be had.

Thanks for reading.

We hope this page gave info that helped you. As with all types of headaches the key for relief is education.  Different treatments may be needed for relief. Don't abuse the head, take care of it. Learn or write down what can trigger the pain. Print off a diary and fill it in each day. When the head starts hurting look back and see if there's a connection.

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