By Learning Headache Triggers You Can Avoid Pain.. 


Avoiding headache triggers is #1 for prevention.

By making simple but highly effective adjustments toward a daily routine can save much pain. Headaches can be triggered by everyday activities that most headache sufferers don't think about or either dismiss them because they think it probably won't make a difference.

Headache sufferers may come in contact each day with  triggers that's not even known to them. Something such as bad sleep habits linked with stress can work havoc on all types of headaches. First know exactly what type of headache you're suffering with and that will make it easier to treat. Keep in mind that many  migraine sufferers also are diagnosed as having tension headaches.

Tension headache triggers.

 We don't know what type of headaches our visitors are suffering with, so we'll give the three most common types of headaches with their triggers. Since the tension headaches account for more than others the triggers for them are:

  • Stress 
  • Depression 
  • Oversleeping 
  • Fatigue 
  • Bad posture 
  • Anxiety 
  • Reading with poor lighting

While most tension headaches are annoying or distracting chronic tension headaches may occur daily or almost daily. Rest and relaxation with over the counter pain medicine such as Advil Migraine may knock it out. If these triggers apply above, by avoiding them may save a headache.

Triggers for migraine headaches.


It's more triggers when it comes to the dreaded migraines. These headaches can make life miserable for the ones that suffer with them. The triggers are:

  • It's thought that about a third of migraine sufferers have attacks because of some of the foods they eat. 
  • Stress and changes in sleep patterns can also give attacks. 
  • You've heard of hangover headaches, but for migraine sufferers alcohol provokes a migraine. 
  • Some chemicals and scents (friend suffered headaches because of her sons cologne) are two more triggers. 
  • For women, menstrual and birth control pills trigger attacks. 
  • Migraines can also be had because of a family history of migrainures.

Two more triggers that are worthy of mentioning are caffeine and the over consumption of pain medicine that can cause rebound headaches. These drugs start to effect the pain control systems in the brain, and can lower levels of the chemical, serotonin. It effects women more than men. Something like 75% women to 25% men. 

Cluster headache triggers.

Cluster headaches are more painful than migraines. They used to be called suicide headaches because of the great amount of pain they produced. The triggers or causes of clusters are:

  • Heavy smoking is involved in provoking cluster headaches. 
  • Certain foods 
  • Alcohol use is a factor as in migraines. 
  • Also changes in sleep patterns which seems to trigger any type of headache.

An article was wrote several years ago about a man suffering with cluster headaches that kicked his smoking habit, and the headaches stopped. Just a thought.

Remember that turkey sandwich with a slice of cheddar, a diet soda, and a piece of chocolate for lunch?  While that's good eating, for a headache sufferer, that's a bad combo. Each one of these foods contain chemicals with the potential to trigger migraines. 

In a migraine study conducted in Montefiore Medical Center Headache unit in the Bronx, New York, more that eight percent of their patients linked their head pain to aspartame. Researchers don't know exactly how this chemical causes pain, it's thought that it alters neurotransmitter levels. On another page we talked about a lady that said she couldn't finish a low fat Yogurt (has aspartame, hence low fat) before she got a headache, and finally made the connection.

While working on headache triggers, supplements that help.

There are certain herbs and vitamins that are recommended to use as a headache prevention regime:

It's thought that eighty five percent of people that have headaches everyday are suffering from rebound headaches. By learning all triggers that can make the head hurt and avoiding them, taking supplements that have been used for centuries for headache relief, along with plenty of rest and relaxation may produce great results. Print off a diary and use it to look for triggers.

Thanks for reading.

We have several more headache triggers on the next page. Don't miss reading them. On our last page you can find the foods that trigger migraine headaches. Home page from headache triggers.

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