Several Top Headache Triggers to Give Thought To...


By abusing headache triggers, relief may be tough to come by. 

Things that make peoples heads hurt run into the hundreds, and that's called triggers. Some are more common than others. When we hear of someones head that hurts, most often when they discover what it is, it will fall into different groups. Such as foods. There's quite a few that can trigger headaches in some people. For instance, stress causes headaches, and it can come from many directions. We'll add some of the top ones for headaches and what you can do to prevent your headaches from happening.

One of the top triggers for headaches is anger.

According to a study at Saint Louis University, this is the biggest emotional cause of headaches, and ranks greater than anxiety or depression. The reason is, all muscles tense up, including the ones in the neck and scalp.

And if it hangs around long enough, the contraction of the head and neck muscles causes a band-like sensation around the head, which is a symptom of a tension headache. Don't let this headache trigger have its way.

Headache triggers for a tension headache.


Understanding headaches and particularly the type you suffer with is very important. Everyone gets a headache once in awhile and most are annoying. But if they become painful and disabling action has to be taken.

Some triggers can give an attack, whether you suffer with cluster headaches, migraines, or tension headaches. But other triggers are directed with the type of headache a sufferer has. Triggers for tension headaches are:

  • Stress and anxiety are two triggers. Rest and relaxation will help these. 
  • Poor sleep habits. Treatment is getting enough sleep. 
  • Depression can also cause migraines. 
  • Bad posture along with writing or reading under poor lighting conditions.

Headache triggers for migraine headaches.


More triggers are there for migraines. Some people may call their migraines by the name of headaches which they are, but migraines are much more painful with different symptoms than tension or stress headaches. Migraine triggers are:

  • Stress also can provoke a migraine attack. 
  • Certain foods but also enough that one should remember each one if migraines are had. Caffeine is a headache trigger also. Aspartame is questionable.
  • Abusing alcohol is another migraine trigger that apparently strikes many.
  • Birth control in women. 
  • Smelling certain scents and some chemicals may provoke attacks in some sufferers. 
  • Uncontrollable weather changes is a headache trigger. 
  • One of the biggest migraine triggers is parents that suffer with migraines, another that's out of your hands.
  •  One more headache cause that applies to women, and accounts for up to 60% of migraines is the before, or just starting of the period.  These hormonal driven headaches or migraines generally occur because of the drop of estrogen levels right before menstruation. This effects serotonin levels.

What to do for headache control.


In the end you'll have to have the type of headache you have diagnosed, some sufferers may have tension headaches, that go into migraines. After learning all the triggers (print off a diary) and fill it in each day. Whatever you did up to a day or so before the pain started, then check off any known headache triggers you encountered. You may be on to some.

Depending on the frequency and intensely of the attacks, a headache specialist may have to be seen. What they would prescribe would be strictly their call. If the headache attacks are mild or moderate then over the counter pain medicine such as Advil Migraine may work well. By learning the triggers and avoiding them the attacks may decrease.

Natural relief when headache preventives aren't taken.

Feverfew Plant

Some headache sufferers want to take more natural approaches toward headache control than taking conventional medicines. Below are some that have been used for centuries to fight headaches and migraines. Several herbs are used with doctors approval, and with success. They are:

The pages if clicked have more info.

Another cause of daily headaches, and most migraine sufferers get sandwiched into this, is the rebound headache syndrome. Avoid them by taking pain medicine sparely.  Talk to a specialist before this happens. Preventives may have to be taken or natural treatment, just not pain medicine alone to help the attacks.

Thanks for reading.

Our last page is about more headache triggers. Home page from headache triggers.

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