A Headache Specialist to Help You..

Is one headache specialist as good as another?

How does one find a good headache and migraine specialist.

Let's answer the first question above, (NO). Migraine and headache specialist are like any specialist. Some have more expertise than others, and are more highly recommenced than others. No two headaches or migraines will respond the same. Some migraines may respond to preventives, while other migraine sufferers find no relief. Out of that 5% to 10% of headache sufferers that conventional migraine treatment methods don't help, the difference between average and good headache specialist will stand out. We've been to enough to know about this.

The headache clinics we've been to, will tell you on your first visit that they don't help everyone. So how do you find a migraine specialist that will help ? Think, how many doctors have you been to? How about migraine specialist? Pain management. By the time one starts searching for migraine specialist, they have been treated for awhile, but haven't been helped.

Migraine clinics usually get to see patients that aren't being helped by their present doctors. We have been to pain management (mistake) and to headache doctors. We chose to go to the closest headache center at one point, and I made a mistake of not getting more information on their treatments. They were not invasive, and sometimes a migraine sufferer may need a surgical procedure to reduce the relentless pain. I talked to some that have been helped, and others that had not seen an improvement in their pain level or migraine attacks.

I've often told my wife this. There should be a big instrument on the wall of every doctors office that has a button to push that reads, have you been helped, or you haven't been helped. You could then look at it and see their ratio of helping patients. What do you guys think of that? Give me your opinion on this at the bottom of the page.

When should a migraine sufferer see a headache specialist?

Although a good internist or neurologist can treat some headaches, by the time someone is researching for a migraine and headache specialist, they're probably having headaches that are disturbing their life because of their frequency, and severity, or maybe the side effects of all the medicines prescribed are to much.

A comprehensive headache treatment center is usually staffed with a variety of health professionals that work together to provide multimodal headache treatment.

One thing to remember!!! If you have to drive several hundred more miles to a highly recommended clinic near you, by all means do it. It may be the difference between suffering and managing your head pain.

If I had listen to one e-mail I received from a lady named Teri Robert, my wife's headaches would have received the proper treatment much sooner.

We recommend searching the internet to find a migraine specialist.

Both the National Headache Foundation, and the American Council for Headache Education sponsor support groups in different locations around the country, and have excellence sources of information.

When deciding on a headache center, jot down questions on paper, and when you get in touch, you won't forget any details.

A list of questions to ask a headache center.

The most important one would be,

  • What types of treatments are most commonly used. Is one treatment used for all, or do you have a plan designed for flexibly to help my particular situation. (Hopefully they'll have several types of headache treatments for you, in case one doesn't pan out.)
  • If I have questions, how long will it be before my call is returned. How much time is given to make a diagnosis.
  • How long does the typical course of treatment last.
  • Also ask about the fees, and how you'll be charged. These are but a few questions to ask.

The name on the e-mail that I mentioned above was Teri Robert. She's a migraine sufferer herself, and her goal is helping headache and migraine sufferers, and she does a great job of it.

This will take some time. Don't rush when it comes to finding a headache specialist, such as going to the first one you come across.

If you want to look for a headache specialist, open the map below, and browse. There're good headache clinics all over. Also explore, and read about each doctor before a decision is made. Then call and ask questions. Check out their web sites also.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helped.

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Some migraine sufferers that are looking for a headache specialist have a refractory migraine headaches, ones that don't respond to the usual migraine treatments. Our next page is on these headaches. Home page from headache specialist.

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