Headache Help!! Just Learn About Your Headache..

No one has found headache help unless they learn about their headaches.

Methods used for headache and migraine help start about the same way. By trying to identify headache triggers headache relief will come quicker.

Are the headaches really migraines slipping in or just tension headache or stress headaches?

Surprisingly, only about seventy percent of headache sufferers seek help from a doctor. And headache doctors give relief to ninety percent of headache sufferers. There're around twenty eight million Migrainures and forty five million that suffer with tension headaches in the United States alone. That's about twenty some million people that don't seek headache help that could be having headache relief.

Manage headaches the same as migraines.

Headache help on an occasional headache may not take anything more than a lifestyle change. And when you have an occasional headache, aspirin or something similar like Advil Migraine.

  • When managing headaches remember that as little as two aspirin a day may make the pain worst over time.
  • Drinking caffeine such as drinks, and coffee "has lots of caffeine unless you drink decaffeinated", can turn that occasional headache into a chronic, and severe headache problem. 
  • Headache help can come about from controlling stress and getting adequate rest. 

Very little headache help if there's to much of:

If a headache or migraine sufferer doesn't learn the reason his/her head can hurt, there's little chance they'll have complete relief of their pain even by taking preventive medicines. By keeping track of the headaches with a diary can lead someone or the doctor to determine what may be causing them. Rule out or correct the following:

  • Stress 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Oversleeping or poor sleep habits. 
  • Fatigue Poor posture 
  • Straining the eyes by reading or writing under poor light.

For migraine help avoid:

  • Avoid stress and relax more. 
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Avoid using to much pain medicine to avoid rebound headaches
  • Preventive medicine may have to be taken if the pain is often and severe. 
  • Do look at the food page for triggers, but MSG and processed meats, and aged cheese are often times the triggers. 
  • There's still a debate on artificial sweeteners causing headaches but do pay attention if consuming and get headaches. 
  • Watch the scents (types of perfumes) and chemicals if around any for a change in head pain. 
  • A sensitivity to light sound and smell is one of the symptoms but can also induce a migraine in some sufferers. 

Supplements can take the edge off headaches.

By being deficient in a mineral called magnesium can trigger headaches. Herbs are sometimes recommenced by doctors because they give headache relief. More info can be found on the links about what they do and how much to take.

  • Butterbur, feverfew, and ginger have been used with success. 
  • Vitamins such as B-3 and B-2 are also used for headaches.
  • Today's supplements are found to have a combination of herbs, vitamin, and mineral (magnesium)that helps headaches.

Avoid the triggers, and avoid the headache. If help for headaches is to be had, there's a learning process on headaches. Write it down, read it, remember it, or print it off. But do know what can give headache and migraine attacks. If that's accomplished then help will certainly be much easier to obtain.

Thanks for reading.

Our last page is about migraines everyday. A stimulate such as caffeine alcohol, and over medication can cause this. Home page from headache help. Back to help for migraines.

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