Headache behind Eyes..Causes of This Headache..


Headache behind eyes can make the eyelid droop sometimes.

Headaches that hurt behind the eyes can be from different types of headaches. Several that come to mind are:

  • Cluster headaches 

The pain is centered on one side of the head, usually around the eye or temple.

After reading up on clusters a person may think that would be the headache they suffer with. A trip to a headache specialist will easily confirm if this is the case. Cluster headaches are also called suicide headaches, and they are called this for a reason. You know it by the excruciating pain.

Pain behind the eye may be from these headaches.

My better half has suffered from excruciating pain behind her right eye for years. And not one headache specialist knew what to do for it.

But the headache specialist she now goes to, in five minutes gave her three more reasons she could have headaches behind her eyes. One being hemicrania continua. This is a continuous headache that can:

  • Hurt behind the eyes 
  • Make the eyelid droop, and teary. 

This headache will respond to Indomethacin if this is the cause. If one is suffering from this type of headache, it's best to see a headache specialist.

Another type that can hurt behind the eye is occipital neuralgia 

The symptoms of these conditions is known as chronic headaches.

Once property diagnosed, they are treated in several different ways. Some occipital neuralgia treatments include:

  • Antidepressants 
  • Local nerve block 
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation 
  • Steroids
  • Rhizotomy 
  • Phenl injections.

Other less common forms of surgical neurolysis or microdecompression are also used to treat the condition when other methods fail to stop the pain.

My wife had to have migraine surgery when all other methods to relieve her pain failed.

There are "diagnostic" tests for the first two migraine types to see if this is the case of the pain behind the eyes. It's hard to give a blunt description of a headache behind eyes when there can be so many causes of this headache pain. For instance one could have a sinus headache. They're pretty nasty, and can produce pain behind the eyes.

The pressure can build up from a sinus infection. A trip to the doctor with the proper diagnose, will fix this headache.

We'll give several different types of headaches that can make behind the eyes hurt to see if a connection can be made.

Pain behind the eyes may be from tension headaches.

If a pain reliever is taken, and the pain is helped, then the reason may be just:

  • Not enough rest 
  • Not enough sleep 
  • Being in the sun and heat all day.
  • Stress 

A cause of headache behind the eyes can be due to the eyes. Strain to the eyes from not seeing well can cause the eyes and head to hurt. Inflammation within the eye can cause a headache.

Also glaucoma can cause eye, and head pain. Before I knew it, glaucoma took some of my vision away in my right eye. But I didn't have any headaches. Don't take chances, go to the eye doctor if you have headache behind eyes to rule an eye disease out.

Our next page is about neck headaches, and we even have one on a coughing headache. Reading migraine books can help tremendously on learning about the many different types of headaches, and what a headache sufferer can do for the pain.

We hope this has helped you on the headache behind the eyes. As you've read, there're more than one reason why  pain behind the eyes can exist. That's why a trip to a good headache specialist is in order to find out exactly what's causing this pain.

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