Benefits Of Hawthorn When It Comes To The Heart..


Hawthorn is found in the Northern Hemisphere such as Europe, Asia and North America. It's a shrub whose leaves, flower, and fruit are often used to treat heart problems.

While some herbs are used for cooking and flavoring foods, others are used to give scents to perfumes. Still others are used as medicines for different ailments. Some herbs have been found to serve multiple purposes in treating different ailments but this herb just fights one set of conditions it seems.

What this herb treats once it enters the body.

It's used to treat angina. Three million or more Americans suffer with angina attacks.

This happens to be pain, and it starts with constriction in the center of the chest, then radiates to the throat, back, neck, jaw, and down the left arm.

You can break out in a sweat, struggle to breath, and also feel sick and dizzy. Most angina attacks occur when the heart is damaged by:

  • High blood pressure 
  • Coronary artery disease 
  • Physical exertion 
  • Becoming upset 
  • To much excitement 
  • Eating to heavy. 

Attacks can be brought on by different means, and haw-thorn can be used to treat them.

Another benefit of this herb is treating arteriosclerosis. 

We've all heard that someone has hardening of the arteries, usually older people like myself.

Atherosclerosis is what we most often hear. This comes from the accumulation of fatty substances known as plaque on the artery walls.

This herb treats arteriosclerosis, which is calcium deposits on the artery walls. This can eventually led to restricted blood flow. This herb treats this condition.

Hawthorn is used to treat heart attack and stroke.

The heart is a muscle and needs oxygen to stay alive. When blood flows through arteries that have been clogged with plaque, clots have a tendency to form. A heart attack can also occur if the heartbeat becomes irregular.

 The reason this plant helps treat the heart and arteries is the compounds found in it. This herb has:

  • Quercetin which is a antihistamine and an anti-inflammatory.
  • Oligomeric
  • Procyanidine  
  • Vitexin 

These ingredients help:

  • Treat and lower High blood pressure 
  • Improve contractions of the heart 
  • Enhance coronary artery blood flow.
  •  Reduce the production of Angiotensin 11, which is a substance that constricts blood vessels. 

How much Hawthorn should be taken each dose?

Though you can find this herb in fluid extract, dried leaves, berries, and tincture, the Hawthorn capsules are probably the easiest to take.

Make sure you read the dosage before you take.

To make a drink of the dried leaves or berries, add three to five grams of herb to eight ounces of boiling water and let stand for about ten minutes. Drink up to three cups a day. Two things to remember is, #1 consult with your Dr. before starting this herb. #2 Be prepared to wait several months for the herb to take effect.

(Don't be surprised if your physician doesn't believe in using herbs.) Some suggest them while others scoff at the use of herbs for any ailment, although they've been used for thousands of years before modern drugs came about.

Hawthorn has been found safe for long term use, during pregnancy, and women nursing their babies. Also no interactions are known.

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