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Frequent migraines take their toll on sufferers.

For  migraine sufferers some of their actions create a reaction. And that reaction is a migraine. Migraine triggers aren't called that without a reason. Each migraine sufferer has their own set of triggers or "things" that may give them attacks. A headache doctor can't see and most likely doesn't really care if you overstep your boundaries and end up with frequent migraines. He or she will try to treat them. One easy step on the migraineurs part is to simply learn what migraines are, factors that trigger/cause them, and a line of migraine treatments, either natural or prescription preventives.

What can cause frequent headaches.

Several factors that may not give instant migraines but if abused can give more frequent and severe migraines.

  • Irregular sleep habits such as snoring, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and going to bed or waking up at different times. Keep sleep habits consent if possible. Go to bed, and get up at the same time each day.
  • Some migraine sufferers don't take migraine preventives, and rely on pain medicine to get them through migraine attacks. This is where frequent-migraines come from 85% of the time. Also, stay alert to decongestants, antidepressants, and medicines that contain caffeine, another migraine stimulation. 
  • Dietary triggers can produce a migraine in some sufferers.
  • Stress is one reason for frequent migraines. Stress management is a must for people that are plagued with migraines. 
  • A deficiency of magnesium can cause frequent headaches.
  • Our page on allergies has info about food allergies, environmental allergies, contact allergies, and the changing season allergies. Any allergy has the potential to make migraines more frequent. 
  • Frequent migraines may be caused by poor eating habits. Missing meals can drop blood sugar, and trigger migraines.
  • Forty five percent of headaches are caused by neck issues. Neck trauma (whiplash), arthritis in the spine, and facet joints account for headaches. Look for a migraine pillow to help. 

Common dietary triggers of migraines are 

Diet Drink

Herbs and vitamins for frequent headache management.

Feverfew Plant

Natural approaches that are used by those that don't, or can't take prescription medicine are:

  • Feverfew used for centuries to fight migraines. 
  • Butterbur another herb for management 
  • Ginger is used for the nausea that precedes migraines 
  • Riboflavin,B-2, and Niacin B-3 are vitamins that make a difference in headaches.

For migraine sufferers that abuse many of the migraine triggers on a daily bases, the headaches may become more frequent and intense. It's said that 85% of daily headaches are from the abuse of pain medicine. By doing this over a period of time may transform episodic headaches into frequent migraines. The hardest task is first identifying what gives you an attack and then eliminating that one. It may not be any foods but a diary (print) filled in each day may point to the triggers that are responsible for the frequent attacks. Keep in mind that some migrainures never find anything that triggers their migraines. Then a headache specialist is a must for relief.

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