Foods that Cause Migraine Headaches to Remember..


Foods that cause migraine headaches should be considered. 

To migraine sufferers an attack from eating certain foods is very real. We know that sometimes it's not just one thing a migraine sufferer does, but several factors involved that may give a migraine attack.  For instance, in some migraine sufferers  unusual sleeping habits can provoke a migraine. Everyday stress is at the top for migraine sufferers.

For some migraine sufferers, foods that cause migraine headaches may never enter their mind. How can something that looks so good and tastes so good trigger a migraine headaches.

Are there foods that cause migraine headaches?

When people keep migraine diary's, the most common contributor for headaches is what? If you thought food substances you would be right. The foods you eat can in fact make you quite ill.

Written research studies indicate that chemicals, and food additives in many foods are thought to cause migraines. One of the biggest offenders is caffeine. How many that get migraines have cut out, or back on their caffeine intake? Probably not many. Caffeine is a very potent constrictor of blood vessels. 

In some migraine sufferers as little as two cups of coffee a day may be to much.

Foods that cause migraine headaches in some migraineures.

  • Aged cheese such as , cheddar, brite, or any cheese that contains tyramine. 
  • Any caffeine products such as coffee, drinks, tea, with colas being more of a migraine producer in children, because kids drink more soft drinks.
  • Alcohol such as champagne, red wine, and beer may produce a migraine, because of what's in them, (phenols, and tyramine). 
  • Veggies such as pea pods, lima beans, and onions. 
  • Foods that cause migraine headaches are  nuts, and peanut butter that contain vasodilators. 
  • Fruits such as bananas, raisins, figs, and some citrus fruits.
  •  Hot Dogs, bacon, ham, and salami contain nitrites, another migraine producer.
  • Chocolates contain phenylethylamine, which for some reason, will give some migraine sufferers a headache. (Talked to a woman that says before she gets a bag of M&Ms eat, her head starts hurting.)
  • Foods that have been fermented such as chicken livers, aged cheese, red wine, pickled herring, and so forth. 
  • Histamine containing foods, ice cream, and also sulfites such as in shrimp, and packaged potato products. 

Testimonials of people that foods did give migraine attacks.

To give an example, we have a friend that told us several years ago that she used to have migraines so bad, she had to go to bed with them. When she finally found out what was causing her migraines, it was one of her favorite foods that she loved to snack on. It was the aged cheese she loved to eat. Some migraine sufferers even know a food that triggers their migraines and still eat it. We know a man that is guilty of this.

Another friend, a school teacher, said that if she missed meals (low blood sugar maybe), she would end up with a migraine. And if she used splenda to bake a cake, or drink a diet cola with splenda (artificial sweetener) in it , she would get a migraine headache also.

One thing to remember about foods that cause migraine headaches is that unlike foods that some people are allergic to, that could send them to the hospital in a minute, foods that trigger migraines may not give a migraine attack until the next day. That's where the diary comes in handy.

If you've never took foods seriously as one of the migraine triggers, don't pass this up. Add each food you eat each day to the migraine diary, and at the end of the week, if you suffer with a migraine, back up and see if you've eaten a food that can trigger a migraine. That one particular food along with another migraine trigger  put together may be causing the migraine.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helped on the food triggers.

Our last page is about the side effects of aspartame, and one of them is headaches. Aspartame is added to thousands of products as well as diet drinks and is a well known cause of headaches in some people that consume this product. Our first page is about migraine headache triggers. Home page from foods that cause migraine headaches.

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