Why Does a Herb Like Feverfew Migraine Fight Pain..

Feverfew Plant

Feverfew migraine prevention of migraines.

Feverfew has been used since ancient times to fight the pain from migraines. In the nineteen seventies British researchers discovered that feverfew leaves were effective in the treatment of migraines. But yet hundreds or maybe thousands of years ago people were using this same herb for this same purpose.

A chemical found in the leaves prevents substances from entering the blood stream that cause inflammation, and traveling to the blood vessels in the brain.

But claims are that it can help in the treatment of more than just headaches. Feverfew also works for, just to name a few:

  • Fever
  • Arthritis
  • Menstrual difficulties
  • Cough
  • Vertigo
  • Colic indigestion
  • And a half dozen more aliments, including headaches.

So you could have relief of another aliment, and migraine help to.

Feverfew Plant

Feverfew is a member of the daisy family (all of us have seen these). This is what it looks like.

It's dangerous to use the leaf fresh or freeze dried. How would you know when the right amount of feverfew had been consumed for a feverfew migraine. It's best to let the ones who know what the dosage should be make it.

Feverfew for migraines side effects.

Side effects are occasional while using feverfew.

Side effects would be:

  • Mouth ulcers
  • Stomach upset
  • Skin rashes
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Colic

That doesn't mean it will happen, but these are side effects that have been reported. That's not to say you would have any of these. The safe way to take this is buy the right amount that has been prepared correctly.

If feverfew is used for some time, and discontinued it could give rebound headaches. So that's definitely a clue that feverfew has an effect on migraines.

My wife had one headache specialist that recommended that she take feverfew for her migraines.

Before taking feverfew let the doctor know. Don't take the feverfew extract, it won't work. Take the powdered whole leaf in the capsule form or what's been formulated for feverfew migraine. It's believed to limit the inflammation of blood vessels in the head. It's also believe to inhibit the release of certain chemicals, serotonin being one, which is said to help with the start of migraines, by causing the blood vessels in the head to spasm.

Remember, feverfew migraine will not take away acute migraine attacks. Feverfew will have to be taken for several months for relief to show up for the migraines.

Feverfew migraine dosage.

Feverfew is available in three forms. Capsule, tincture, and standardized extract as well as fresh leaves. Just follow the information on the package to the dosage.  Chewing fresh leaves may be best for relief, but they are very bitter. You could add them to a sandwich. Also add two to three teaspoons of the dried bulk herb to eight ounces of boiling water and drink several cups a day.


Feverfew can be purchased by itself or in a combination such as Migrelief. Read about the MigreLief Original Caplets that are a patented combination of Magnesium, Riboflavin, and Puracol Feverfew. We have pages on vitamins and magnesium for migraine relief. A combination would be easier to take with more beneficial values. #1 Recommended Supplement by Leading Headache Clinics, Neurologists, and Doctors. Used by Thousands of Migraine Sufferers over the last 5 years. Here's what one customer had to say:

Try this product! My son had migraines every week to the point where he would lock himself away in a dark room and sleep. The medications prescribed by his doctor made him so sleepy he couldn't stay awake in class. Being a holistic person I looked for natural remedies so I tried MigreLief. It works! My son has migraines maybe once a month and he hasn't built a resistance to it. I highly recommend this for migraines.

You make the choice on which product to use. If migraines and headaches are a part of anyone's life it's best to use every available tool that can be found to control them. Although feverfew does have side effects, so does all conventional medicines. Some doctors recommend this product to help fight migraine pain. If you want to know where to buy feverfew for migraines, you can purchase it online such as Amazon, or about all pharmacy's have it.

Other helpful herbs for migraines are:

  • Butterbur 
  • Ginger for nausea and pain.
  • 5-HTP raises serotonin levels. 
  • Skullcap help ease tension headaches.
  • Evening primrose oil helps to dilate blood vessels.

Thanks for reading.

 Our last page is about a vitamin that is used with herbs for the relief of headaches. Our next page is on another herb called butterbur that has a good track record of helping headaches. Home page from feverfew migraine.

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