Butterbur and Feverfew For Migraines Information...

Will Feverfew for migraines work as well as conventional medicines?

By taking conventional preventive medicine with their side effects, and pretty much ignoring migraine triggers, attacks may be more frequent than by taking feverfew, learning what can and does provoke migraines, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Most headache specialist recommend supplements known to help headaches along with their prescribed medicine. 

What is feverfew?

Feverfew Plant

Feverfew is a flowering plant that's been used since ancient times to treat migraines and inflammation. Women  can benefit from this plant also for their menstrual. Feverfew has a chemical that prevents substances that cause inflammation from entering the bloodstream and traveling to the brain where they appear to be at least somewhat responsible for migraine pain.

Feverfew for migraines dosage.

Feverfew is available as:

  • Standardized extract 
  • Tincture 
  • Capsule 
  • Fresh leaves

Each package will have the recommended dosage information.

Feverfew for migraines reviews.

We thank each one that gives a review for any product. We can see how feverfew has helped these below.

Keeps the Headaches Away 

By Shoe Prof 
This herb is well worth a try for anyone who suffers from frequent headaches that last several days and so not respond well to pain relievers. Like any herbal remedy, it takes a few weeks to build up to an effective level. Only one capsule a day is needed. I've taken this for quite a few years, and I no longer suffer from three-day headaches--quite a relief. Definitely tell your physician if you are taking this (or any other herb/vitamin), as there are always possibilities of interactions with prescribed drugs. Also, this is one they want patients to stay away from for a few days before surgical procedures.

A must for migraines at a great price 
By Christian 2010 
My wife has had severe disabling migraines since she was young and for years tried various prescription drugs with poor results. Someone suggested a combination of feverfew and magnesium and what a difference. This is the best price I've ever seen so highly recommend it.

Very pleased 
By Gabby Love 
I am very pleased with this product. My finance gets migraines quiet frequently so I bought this because it helped me and it is helping him.

Three satisfied people.

Possible feverfew for migraines side effects.

  • If you were to buy feverfew leaves to chew they may cause sores in the mouth or stomach upset. 
  • Pregnant women should not take feverfew, because of the possibility of uterine contractions. 
  • DO NOT take feverfew if you have a blood clotting disorder of taking anticoagulant medication (blood thinner). 

This medicine is like any medicine. It will take several months to see the full effects. 

Magnesium and feverfew for migraines.

We know that migraines respond to feverfew. Magnesium is also known to have a positive effect on migraines, and most migraine sufferers through studies have been found to have a deficiency of this important mineral.

  • Magnesium relaxes blood vessels, and allows them to dilate, thus reducing the spasms and constrictions that can cause migraines.
  • Magnesium regulates the action of brain neurotransmitters and inflammatory substances, which may play a role in migraines when unbalanced.
  • Magnesium thins blood, somewhat like aspirin, preventing the formation of tiny clots that can block blood vessels and cause pain.
  • Magnesium relaxes muscles and prevents the build up of lactic acid, which along with muscle tension, can make your head pain worse.

A group of three thousand migraine sufferers were given 200 MG of magnesium a day, and there was a 80% reduction in their migraine symptoms. Although this wasn't a controlled group, it aroused quite a bit of excitement, and triggered a flurry of research on magnesium and migraines.

Butterbur and feverfew for migraines.

Butterbur Plant

We now know that feverfew relives migraines, but have you heard of butterbur, another herb that has been shown to reduce migraines as well as some preventives medicines?

Studies have shown there are two ingredients in butterbur that help headaches. They are called petasin, and isopetasin. In migraine attacks there's swelling, and inflammation in blood vessels in the head during an attack. While petasin is thought to reduce spasms in the walls of the blood vessels, isopetasin has an anti-inflammatory effect, and it's important in inflammatory response.

Two clinical studies using a standardized butterbur extract over three months, showed as much as sixty percent reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks compared to placebo, and the pain and duration were also reduced.

Studies have also found that butterbur extracts reduce bronchial spasms in asthma, and bronchitis sufferers.

We added butterbur, and magnesium to show that these supplements along with feverfew for migraines over several months can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.

It's best to let your doctor know what you're planning on doing if thinking about taking any of these because it's said they may work to well combined with preventives. Also ginger is another herb that helps with pain and nausea.  They have a great track record on fighting migraine headaches. 

Thanks for reading, we hope we gave you answers you wanted.

 What are cluster headaches was on our last page. Our next page is on the best herbs for headaches. Home page from feverfew for migraines.

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