Exertion Headaches.. What You Can do For This Headache..


Exertion headaches strike more women than men.

These headaches are divided into three categories. We have pages with more info on each one. The three categories these headaches fall in will be sexual headaches, physical headaches and coughing headaches. Only about one percent of the population has headaches in each of these categories. With each sub-type affecting about one percent of the population, that's small as a whole but with around three hundred million in the USA that still amounts to quite a few.

For sex headaches that number could climb if everyone reported them. But the truth is, many are embarrassed about telling their doctor when they have this pain, so conflicting reports are out there about this headache, and how many actually suffer with it.

Are exertion headaches in children had.

Most of the time these headaches can strike from adolescence to around fifty, with people in their forties having more attacks. Although these headaches aren't common, it's said that most doctors have patients occasionally that complain about this type of headache pain.

Causes of exertion headaches.

It won't thrill you to know that even researchers don't know exactly what causes these headaches. These headaches are probably caused by the dilation or constriction of blood vessels. And to, most sufferers have one or both parents that are migraine sufferers.

About all of these headaches are benign but must be checked to rule out something more serious.

Exercise or physical exertion headache.

Just walking up steps can cause a headache in some people. Athletes that are most often struck with these headaches are:

  • Joggers 
  • Football players 
  • Weight lifters

Sexual headaches are cause by physical exertion during sex.


For many that say not tonight I have a headache dear, stress or anxiety may be the cause. And others may say, not tonight dear, I may get a headache, this may be caused by exertion, and sudden expansion of blood vessels, and after awhile one gets gun shy.

The sudden explosive headache should be checked  by a doctor for safe keeping, just to rule out a potential brain aneurysm, or tumor. Some serious symptoms could be a:

  • Stiff neck
  • Confusion 
  • Dizziness 

That could suggest a doctors visit immediately.

The last type of exertion headache is the coughing headache.

Here's what a benign cough headache is.

  • This headache is a bilateral headache that comes on suddenly upon coughing, and lasts less than a minute, but could have a dull ache for several hours.
  • If someone can prevent themselves from coughing (we know how hard this is), this headache can be avoided.
  • This headache will have to be diagnosed after a doctor has ruled out anything serious such as a tumor, or cerebral aneurysm.

Although many clinicians put cough headaches, and exertion headaches together since the treatment response is similar, the international headache society classifies the cough headache, the exertion headache, and the headache associated with sexual activity into different groups.

It's thought that this headache may be related to blood flow due to coughing. Cough headaches, sex headaches, and exertion usually respond to indomethacin which is a medicine to reduce inflammation.

"A bit of advice about this medicine. It's hard on the stomach. You can take a priloset or something similar to help with the stomach". If it doesn't help within a reasonable amount of time stop taking it.

How to prevent exertion head pain.

Push Ups
  • Abstinence in each of these types of headaches such as no sex, refrain from any physical strain, and try to keep from coughing would obously help. 
  • The second course of treatment is taking indomethacin or another anti-inflammatory medicine. By taking a pain medicine before any type of activity may avoid the headache.

First, the dangers luring behind this headache must be ruled out. A trip to the ER can settle your nerves and rule out anything serious. An MRI will rule out serious causes such as tumor, or a blocked vein. After finding out you have a primary exercise headache, meaning nothing life threatening was found. When that's found, you can breath a sign of relief, and than settle on a course of treatment.

If by some reason someone finds this page after just having one of these types of headaches go to the ER and have this head pain looked at. 

Thanks for reading.

Our last page was on lidocaine patches. Our next page is about info on what are cluster headaches. Home page from exertion headaches.

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