How to Avoid an Exercise Migraine..What Causes These Migraines..

Exercise migraines are had by the same thing that is supposed to lesson the frequency of them. (Exercise)

Exercising is supposed to help migraines because it releases serotonin, and endorphin's (bodies natural pain medicine), and in turn migraines are supposed to be less frequent and intense.

Post exercise migraine (PEM) is experienced in about a third of migraine sufferers. And is supported by written studies.

What's the reason for migraine after exercise?

Many people have sensitive arteries, and sensitive muscles in the forehead, scalp, or skull. And that makes them prone to pulsating, throbbing, artery spasm, or muscle related migraines.

Here's an example, and your head is no different.

Have you ever jogged at some point in your life? After jogging did you notice the backs of the legs, and how tight they were? Several days if I remember correctly.

This is called exercise induced myositis. It's inflammation of the muscles after exercise, and muscle fibers actually become damaged, swollen, and painful. This is what happens to depending on what exercise that is done.

Any part from the neck, head, shoulder, forehead, and scalp muscles could give an exercise migraine. Migraines or headaches up to two days after exercise is not uncommon.

Exercise headache and migraine prevention

Some ways to prevent migraines from exercising are:

  • Avoid fast exercises like the plague. These hyper stimulate the circulation (arteries), causing migraines.
  • If running, do it at a slow speed.
  • If lifting weights or doing heavy lifting at work, AVOID it. The head, scalp, and forehead muscles are pulled doing this. Take it easy if you do this. Even garden work can trigger migraines.
  • Avoid doing such things as push ups. These can trigger migraines especially if eating migraine inducing foods.
  • In some people, they should refrain from doing any strenuous exercise two days in a row, this can trigger an exercise headache.

Exercise headache prevention.

You need a plan to prevent you from having a migraine while you exercise. Here are some:

  • If you're into jogging, in order to not get a migraine, try Slow Jogging around a room about fifty times, no more than ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Stay hydrated before, during, and after exercising.
  • Exercising can cause blood sugar to drop, therefore triggering a headache or migraine. Always eat about an hour and a half before exercising. Try a protein bar, or a nutritional snack before exercising.
  • For exercise migraine prevention don't start out burning it up. Warm up, to often people that exercise start out doing vigorous exercises that trigger migraines in no time. Walk, stretch, or do something slowly to warm up.

Exercise headache prevention using pain medicine and supplements.

If the above doesn't help, there are medicines that may reduce the attacks. They would be something such as:

  • If these exercise headaches become more than you can tolerate, some take a couple of aspirin or ibuprofen before they exercise to reduce the chance of getting a headache or migraine. Ask the doctor before taking any medicine.
  • If an exercise migraine is experienced each time exercising is started, ask the doctor about a migraine preventive. If you don't want to take any medicines, go to our magnesium pages, and herbs pages, and read how well they work for migraine prevention.

Not only exercise can induce headaches in migraine sufferers but any strenuous work can trigger an attack. Most of our pages recommend at some point to make an appointment with a headache specialist if none is being seen. Not a doctor, nor a neurologist but someone that specializes in headaches. This may save many painful days if appropriate treatment is started early. Our last page is about coital headache, also a type of exercise headache, and it's brought on by sex. Our next page is about coital cephalalgia. Home page from exercise migraine.

Thanks for reading.

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