Excedrine Migrane is A Three in one Pain Reliever..

Excedrin Migraine

Excedrine migrane is an over the counter pain reliever used for moderate headaches.

Excedrin migraine works well for mild or moderate migraines or occasional episodic migraines. Since no two migraines are alike, some being with debilitating pain, while others can leave and you're still able to function, finding the right combination of pain medicine may take some time.  

Different migraine sufferers can require different doses of the same migraine medication to curb the pain. The first line of treatment for about all migraine sufferers to begin with is a stop at the local drug store or supermarket for over the counter pain reliever.

Are some over the counter pain medicines better than others?

Advil Migraine

Certain ones may end up being  personal choices that just brings relief. Even the ones that are labeled, such as Advil migraine, Excedrine migrane, and Motrin migraine are not new products. They are just reformulated pain medicine of the existing over the counter products. We're going to break down the ingredients in Excedrine migrane.

There's also Advil Migraine, and Motrin for Migraines, but they both have different ingredients. The ingredients in Advil migraine are Ibuprofen, and diphenhydramine. They come from the (NSAID) family. You also have Excedrine tension headache pain reliever, and it has two of the same ingredients as Excedrin migrane, but in different mg.

Excedrin migraine ingredients

The ingredients in all the OTC migraine relievers are similar but somewhat different with different Mg. Below for Excedrin migraine are:

  • The first Excedrin for migraines ingredients is acetaminophen at 250mg. It's a commonly used ingredient that is used in many over the counter medications. It's used to relieve pain for such aliments  as arthritis, headache, and even tooth pain. By itself, it comes in bigger doses than it does when mixed with other ingredients. You can also take acetaminophen if you can't tolerate aspirin. (Excedrine migrane has aspirin in it.)
  • The second Excedrine migrane ingredient is aspirin. We all know what aspirin is. You were probably given this as a youngster for hurts and aches. But many people can't take aspirin because it's hard on stomachs. Excedrin migraine has 250 mg in it. 
  • The third ingredient is caffeine at 65 mg, which is more than some other OTC medications that contain caffeine. Caffeine helps the stomach absorb medicine quicker, but can also make you nervous, because it acts on the central nervous system. Caffeine can give headaches, but also knock one out.

Side effects of Excedrin migrane

As with any medicines, OTC or doctor prescribed, side effects are often present. The most common for Excedrin migraine is:

  • Stomach upset 
  • Nausea 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Headache, what you don't want

 Stop if bleeding develops. Pay attention to anything unusual while taking Excedrin.

Here's the don'ts for OTC pain relievers

  • Don't take pain relievers often, and don't take over the recommended doses. No more than two days a week. There's a trap with OTC pain relievers called rebound headaches.
  • Don't take  an OTC medicine containing caffeine on a daily bases. Excedrine migrane has caffeine (65 mg) in it. You may get caffeine withdrawal headaches while cutting back if  taking to often. If you find yourself having more migraines than when you first started taking Excedrin, stop and go to a headache specialist. You want to manage headaches, not make them worse.

We think for an occasional migraine that responds to any of the over the counter pain relievers that are developed specifically for migraines and relives the pain is acceptable.  But for frequent migraines that are treated with these medicines often times make migraines worst. It's a slow process that develops over time. Headaches that go from occasional to more frequent while taking daily pain relievers should be looked at as the pain reliever being the culprit. 

Thanks for reading.

Our last page is about advil migraine with somewhat different ingredients, also used for migraines that aren't severe. Two herbs that have a good track record for reducing headaches are feverfewbutterbur.

Our first page in this section was about herbal migraine relief, a more natural approach to headache relief. There's quite a bit of different approaches for migraine relief to be had. One of the best tools for headaches is education about them. The more that is learned, the more little things may be absorbed to be used for relief. Home page from Excedrine migrane.

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