Excedrin Headache for Occasional Headaches...

Excedrin headache is a pill or capsule designed for the relief of headaches.

Someone could be also be looking for information about Excedrin giving a headache. The answer to those two are,  Excedrin headache will help occasional headaches, but could quickly become a crutch if someone is having frequent headaches. The right diagnose as whether one is having mild migraines or just tension headaches is a must. With migraines, Excedrin could eventually induce more headaches.  

We are a site that is dedicated to helping headache and migraine sufferers. We try to let headache and migraine sufferers know how to manage headaches. One way is to educate themselves on helping headaches, not add to the pain.

Excedrin headache and what's in it.

There are two ingredients in it, where as in Excedrin migraine you have three.

  • The Excedrin for headaches has 500mg of Acetaminophen, which is a pain reliever. Some brand names are Aspirin Free Anacin, Aceta, and many more brand names, one being Tylenol. It's for pain sufferers that can't take Aspirin or don't prefer to. It's also used to relieve the pain of arthritis, tooth pain, and you guessed it, headaches. 
  • The next ingredient is caffeine. We all know that consuming to much caffeine isn't good for migraines. The ups and downs of this stimulate can keep headaches on a yo-yo if to much is consumed. But also caffeine is used to abort a headache. At 65mg, there's about as much caffeine in an Excedrin headache pill as a cup of coffee. 

This medicine works on the liver, and kidneys. So be careful as to how often this is taken.

So we learn what may give a headache can also abort one if used properly. Added together, an Excedrin Tension Headache tablet may help an occasional headache. The same goes for Excedrin Migraine, which has one more ingredient than what is used in the Excedrin Headache pill,  that being Aspirin.

Doctors would have one believe that OTC pain medicine shouldn't be taken, but instead a prescription pain medicine is perfectly safe to take. When in fact any pain medicine for headaches or migraines shouldn't be taken over several times a week.

There're many headache sufferers  with daily headaches because of their consumption of pain medicine on a daily bases. Once again, for an occasional tension headache use Excedrin if it takes the pain away.

Excedrin Headache does come with potential side effects for a few. Avoid Alcohol while taking, and don't take Acetaminophen (found in Excedrin for headaches) for more than ten days straight, unless directed by your doctor. While taking Excedrin, look for an Excedrin coupon, to save a few dollars.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helped.

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For our Migrane sufferers that may want to seek additional help other than information, there's many products to choose from on Amazon to relieve that headache. You'll be surprised as to how many products are designed for headache relief, from medicine to pillows and so forth. 

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Even pillows for migraines help tremendously when the pain originates from the neck area. Herbs and Vitamins such as the ones mentioned above are helpful for some sufferers. Most are very inexpensive, and you may find something that will work for your type of headache. All can be found by searching Amazons many headache products. 

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