Use Evening Primrose Oil for Headache Relief..

Evening primrose oil uses and side effects.

We're a headache and migraine site and what you'll find in here is basically anything that can bring relief from the pain or prevent the headaches.

This herb is the best food source for an essential fatty acid called gammalinolenic acid.  (GLA) It's this fatty acid that is mostly responsible for the unbelievable healing powers. In the body GLA converts to prostaglandin E1, which is a hormone like substance that helps dilate blood vessels (thus helping headaches) thin the blood, and reduce inflammation.

These properties help to make evening_primrose_oil helpful in the prevention of quite a few hormone related conditions. Many people in the United States are deficient in GLA. The ones that most likely are low in GLA are people that suffer with eczema, diabetes, and women that have a tough time with PMS. These people may have the inability to property produce GLA. 

Uses and benefits of evening primrose oil.

  • This herb is used to treat acne. By taking 500 to 1,000 Mg a day it helps heal the damaged skin caused by acne.
  • Evening primrose is used to treat dandruff. Dandruff develops when the sebaceous glands in the scalp cannot adequately assimilate proteins and fats. Evening primrose oil relieves inflammation. Take two 500 Mg capsules three times a day.
  • Eczema is the skins way of telling you there's a problem. By taking evening primrose oil your GLA levels can be restored, which tend to be low in people with eczema. Take two 500 Mg capsules three times a day. It can also be applied topically once a day to reduce inflammation and redness.

Evening primrose may be of benefit in helping with multiple ailments of the body if a deficiency of GLA is had. Most likely no one would even know if they were deficient. 

Evening Primrose for women that suffer with PMS.

An estimated forty percent of women experience PMS to some degree every month. There's a long list of vitamins, mineral, herbs and supplements to take to relieve the symptoms. One being evening primrose oil that relieves:

  • Cramp 
  • Depression 
  • Breast tenderness. 
  • Along with other PMS symptoms. 

Dosage would be 500 Mg twice a day.

About all women have fibrocystic breast disease, a term used to describe several benign conditions that effect the breast.  With this, women often experience tenderness or pain as well as lumps caused by the enlargement of glandular tissue. One of the most helpful supplements is evening primrose  because it may reduce the size of the cysts in the breast. Take two capsules three times a day.

Evening primrose for the heart and cardiovascular.

For heart attack and cardiovascular disease there are many supplements to take that aid in helping this organ and our symptom keep in top shape. This herb helps prevent hardening of the arteries. No one wants this to happen to them. Take two 500 MG capsules three times a day for prevention.

Psoriasis is a noncontagious skin disorder caused by a defect in the skin cells that allows them to reproduce much more rapidly than normal. It's characterized by patches of red or salmon colored skin with thick silvery scales on top.

One supplement that is helpful is evening primrose oil. It promotes healing and helps prevent dryness.

Take two grams daily in divided doses.

Possible side effects of evening primrose oil.

Although side effects of evening primrose aren't common:

  • Headache, nausea, and rash are possible. Just reduce the dosage and these reactions will disappear.  
  • People that suffer with manic depression should void this herb. 
  • This supplement promotes the production of estrogen. Women that have estrogen related breast cancer should also avoid this supplement. 

To make prostaglandin E1, the body also requires an adequate supply of magnesium, zinc, vitamin c, niacin, and vitamin B6. Some experts in this field recommend taking these supplements along with evening primrose oil.

Taking supplements are natural when it comes to promoting our health. Good nutrition is the foundation to good health. To function property our bodies require over forty key nutrients.

Also, mother natural is a pharmacist, and the leaves, bark, berries, flowers, seeds, and roots of plants are her drugs. Herbal medicines (such as evening primrose oil) or botanical's can be used to treat almost every ailment, and most are safer, cheaper, and more efficient than synthetic drugs. We also recommend other supplements and herbs for our headache sufferers such as feverfew, butterbur, ginger, vitamin B2, and Skullcap. 

Thanks for reading.

Our last page is about another herb used to relieve headaches called Skullcap. Our next is about a herb called Valerian that's used also for headaches. Home page from evening primrose oil.

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