Episodic Migraines or Close to Chronic Migraines..


Episodic migraines are those occasional migraines that many experience.

The International Headache Society put a name to different headaches and migraines and their sub-types. When a migraine sufferer has from one to fourteen migraines a month, they have occasional or episodic migraines. But if a migraine sufferer experiences from fifteen to thirty a month they're suffering with chronic headaches. Try telling a sufferer having fourteen migraines a month that they aren't chronic. 

What's the reason some migraine sufferers only have several a month for years while others migraines become more frequent and intense? Almost eighty percent of chronic daily headaches started out as episodic migraines.

Around eighty five percent of chronic daily headaches start by the overuse of pain medication, and headache specialist play a big role in preventing chronic daily headaches. Acute migraine attacks that are episodic, and not managed properly can get out of hand. 

We've read about episodic headaches going to chronic, back to episodic. Understand that this doesn't happen overnight. They're called transformed migraines. Headache specialist may enlighten a patient some on this subject, but don't bet on it.

Keep in mind that even without medication overuse, chronic tension type headaches, and transformed migraines can come about slowly from the intermittent or episodic forms of migraines.

How to keep those episodic-migraines episodic.

  • Education about migraines. Learn them. Read books about migraines and headaches. Fifty percent of relief comes from the migraine sufferer helping themselves. 
  • Watch the weight, and blood pressure. 
  • Watch the pain medicine, both doctor prescribed and also OTC medicine.

How to have chronic migraines from episodic.

This is a pretty sure way to start suffering more by:

  • Keep going to doctors or even neurologist that aren't qualified to treat migraines. 
  • Take prescribed or OTC pain relievers every six hours or as needed for pain. 
  • Never learn about the type of headache you're suffering with. 
  • Never have the right diagnose for the headache or either are treated for the wrong one.


The daily or near daily headaches can be from frequent doses of medications.These are called rebound headaches.

A head or neck injury occurring at sometime can also give episodic tension type headaches, or migraine headaches.

In a recent study it was suggested that molecules released by fat cells may contribute to the transformation of episodic migraines into chronic daily headaches. And considerable evidence points to the overuse of rescue medicines, but also other research points to a chronic inflammatory process in the blood vessels.

Some migraine sufferers have success with herbs such as feverfew for migraines, and even certain vitamins may help headaches. A migraine preventive prescribed by a doctor may cut the frequency of migraine attacks. Keeping a diary (print) for the episodic migraine may help pinpoint the trigger when you have an attack. The less frequency would be great in holding the attacks down. The more attacks and medication overuse may go to chronic, and we certainly don't want this. If anyone experiences episodic that transforms to chronic  migraines we can't over state the importance of finding a highly recommended headache specialist to save pain down the road.

After seeing a half dozen HEADACHE SPECIALIST, my wife's last one made the others look like backyard mechanics. His words on our first visit were, and I quote "Migraines are normal believe it or not but migraines everyday aren't and there is a cause and that needs to be addressed." He only sees a headache sufferer after all others have failed to give the patient relief.

Thanks so much for reading, if those migraines are episodic keep them that way.

Don't let your episodic migraines turn into severe migraines. Our last page is info on migraines that are severe. Jump back to our first page explaining what is a migraine. Home page from episodic migraines

Leave us a comment below and let us know about your headaches whether they're episodic or transformed to chronic. Your info would be greatly appreciated.

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