Epilepsy and Migraine Attacks and Their Treatments..


A link between epilepsy and migraine has been known for quite some time.

They're in many respects similar brain disorders, and both are common. Epilepsy may be, and migraine is by most doctors accounts, a genetic disorder. They're alike because they're chronic, and both flare up at times. Migraine attacks can happen without any specific reason, or triggered by stress, loss of sleep, drinking to much alcohol, or even fatigue.

Have you ever had a doctor say something to the effect of hyper-excitability? This is the underlying mechanism in both epilepsy and migraine.

The difference between migraines and epilepsy, is most seizures are not associated with headache or migraine. Although there may be a headache later, it's usually associated with the seizure. In a classic migraine with aura it can last awhile, but in epileptic seizure it'll last just a few seconds.

Migraine in children are ten times more common than epilepsy.

Although migraines, and epilepsy are treated separately, some drugs like Depakote, and Topamax, are given for both. It's common in people that have epilepsy to also suffer from migraines. People that have a seizure can develop a migraine later. Since migraines can induce seizures, it's best to prevent migraines from starting. Migraine preventives work well for this.

It's been found that severe migraine attacks may produce convulsions, and the constant recurrence of migraines may lead to the development of epilepsy.

So you want to curb those migraine attacks if possible. The migraines may disappear while epilepsy develops.

Attacks of migraines that have nausea, and vomiting are common migraines, and usually stay with a person during their life. The ophthalmic migraine is related to epilepsy although in most cases no convulsions are ever recorded.

If epilepsy or migraine are both experienced, these disorders are twice as likely to occur together. Since migraine can provoke seizures migraine preventives should be taken to keep attacks at a minimum.

Epilepsy can be helped by reading books on them. Knowledge about the condition and different treatments can lead to fewer epilepsy and migraine attacks.

I received a e-mail about a year ago from a man. His wife had a web site on epilepsy due to their 20 year son that had it. At age four he developed seizures. Several hundred a day. After several years of this, and medicine that had not helped they found a miracle. Although this has been around for years, many have not found, or used it. The man went on to say within a few days his son stopped having the seizures. But due to all of the seizures, and medicines he took (his words)he suffered some brain damage. If he had only found this earlier.

For children and adults the Atkins diet can help epilepsy tremendously.

There's help for epilepsy and migraine. Start with treatment on one, and work to the other.

Below is just one customers review.


I reluctantly bought this book to join the sea of books I already had regarding seizures and other diagnoses....my son was born disabled and developed seizures shortly after birth.

It turned out that this book CHANGED OUR LIVES!!!! I have not looked back since buying it! My son was diagnosed with Lennox Gastaut Seizure Disorder. Doctors reacted like the mere diagnosis was the kiss of death. I am here to tell you that if the Ketogenic Diet can work for my son, who had over 100 seizures a day and constant seizure activity during sleep, it has the potential to work for anyone! Just remember that since it is not a drug, doctors do not promote it (pharmaceutical companies pay for their vacations, remember!)......

My son was formerly on 6 meds with no end to seizures in sight. He is now on the diet and has only one med left to be weaned from. The diet had immediate and amazing results!

Since these two disorders come together, it's best to treat the migraines with preventives to stop the frequency and also the intensely of the pain. By purchasing several books on the Ketogenic Diet and following the instructions and meals the epilepsy may also be helped.

Thanks for reading, we hope this has given light on these disorders.

More info can be found about epilepsy. Our last page is about occipital migraine. Next page covers what can help a headache. Home page from epilepsy and migraines.

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