Dysphrenic Migraines Can go Undiagnosed For Years..


Dysphrenic migraines are rare disabling headache syndromes.

If you suffer with an unusual headache that no one can put their finger on, then mentioned this headache to the headache specialist. Many that have migraines aren't able to concentrate or think clearly during a migraine attack. I know they zap my wife. But there's a rather unusual migraine headache, one that you as a migraine sufferer may not ever heard of. This one is called a dysphrenic migraine.

With so many sub-types of migraines such as the visual migraine, basilar migraine, and the complicated migraine, to name just a few, this migraine syndrome ranks with the worst with its frightening symptoms. A migrainure could suffer with this migraine for years, and never receive the right diagnose. Why? Doctors may not relate this to a migraine. Go to Google and see how many searches there are about it. Just a few.

It's a very rare headache, and out of the ones that suffer with this headache some have never been diagnose properly and don't realize what's wrong. They just keep getting symptoms that can't be pinpointed. If you have this confusing, frighting migraine syndrome, we hope you can get diagnosed, and receive the right treatment.

The symptoms of a Dysphrenic migraine

The migraine sufferers that suffer with these attacks can't think clearly. But if you suffer with this migraine it goes pass that. Symptoms of this migraine are:

  • Amnesia
  • Total loss of memory
  • Confused
  • Agitated
  • Disoriented

Kind of a foggy feeling.

Most episodes last from a half hour to six hours. But the lasting effects can last up to twenty four hours.

How severe are these headaches?

The symptoms can be severe, to the state of partial or generalized seizure activity or even coma in young kids.

  • These symptoms can occur with or without headache. People recover from this migraine attack with no lasting effects, but may not remember anything during the attack.
  • Some Dysphrenic headache attacks occur after a head trauma. This migraine could be called a confusional migraine also.
  • If these symptoms are experienced and the headache specialist hasn't determine what type of headache you suffer from, mention dysphrenic migraine and see if he's heard of it.

It's also vague on the treatment that would be used for these headache symptoms. The best place to go for a dysphrenic headache exam is at a neurological institute.

These headaches are so uncommon a doctor may not be able to distinguish what kind of headache this is.

This headache will have to be diagnosed by a specialist. Some of the symptoms may even resemble a stroke. The diagnose and treatment are so vague that it would be better for a headache specialist that has expertise in this field of treating sub-types of migraines to make this call.

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Our next page is about headaches, and our last was on headaches and migraines and the difference. Home page from dysphrenic migraine. More info about this headache syndrome.

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