Disability for Migraines When You Can't Work..


Disability for migraines if you can't work.

About five to ten percent of migraine sufferers are disabled from the relentless pain in their head. We'll let you know how to get social security disability for those headaches, where to go and how to do it.

Social Security recognizes that migraines are a disease. No one will be approved for disability unless the migraines meet certain criteria. Millions of sufferers meet this by going to headache doctors for years without much success on relief. The truth is, many suffer and think they can't receive disability because it's just  headaches and they would never be approved for disability. A diagnosis of chronic migraine headaches may support a claim for Social Security disability.

Migraines rank nineteenth on disability diseases.

Do you know that overall on disability inducing diseases of both men, and women, migraines rank nineteenth? And since migraine disease strikes more women than men, it ranks twelfth with women.

Can you get disability for your migraines when no relief can be found? The answer is, absolutely.

  • The reason is, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990. And that simply means that no one can be discriminated, if they're a qualified person with a disability.

A physical or mental impairment must be demonstrated that limits the ability to work. Some sufferers develop migraines and headaches that hurt every day. If the doctors haven't helped, it will benefit you to let them know what you're going to do, and ask them to work with you. 

Proceed to round up all of your paper work.

  • First, call each place you've been to for the headaches, and have them fax or send you all of their paper work. If you're being treated for another ailment or have any more disabilities such as arthritis, don't forget to get those reports also.
  • Have all of this ready because after you file for your disability, even online, you'll have to take your medical records to your closest Social Security Office within a week, so they can start processing your claim. So it's a good idea to have all of this to begin with. Remember it's easy to be prepared. 
  • Have all medical records ready because by just writing down a phone number to some place you've been, without having it before them, a Social Security examiner will have to send for the records, and that may delay your process. 

First step for receiving disability for migraines 

There are three ways to apply.

Click on a link that says Social Security Disability. Then spend some time looking the site over.

  • First, click on the link to Applying For Disability Benefits, and it'll take you through the procedures of applying for disability for migraines. It's pretty simple and self explanatory.  You can log off and come back any time to finish. Make sure you have all your paper work from the doctors and so forth in front of you when you do decide to apply after satisfying your curiosity. 
  • The second way is to look in the phone book, call and schedule an appointment at your local Social Security Office. Keep in mind, if you file online, your report will be transferred to your nearest Social Security office anyway.
  • The third way is to call (800-772-1213), and set up a schedule time for a Social Security Representative to call, and fill out your application on disability for migraines by phone.

Be honest when they ask a question. You don't want to be denied if they find out something different than what you told them. You will receive a pack of more forms to fill out in the mail several days after you sign up for disability using this method.

A lawyer can speed up the process.

They can accomplish more in the way of you receiving disability for migraines. They help with:

  • Finding new evidence that may not be in your medical file, and getting your files from your medical providers.
  • Sending evidence to the Social security Administration.
  • Checking the Social Security File to make sure about your benefits.
  • Finding all of your medical records.
  • They'll make a list of all your medications, and the side effects.
  • And if you have to go before (you may not) a Social Security judge he will prepare you for that to. Also, more will be accomplished.

How to be approved without paying a lawyer upfront.

To win your Migraine Disability Case, if you want to, you can either hire a lawyer or find one to take your disability for migraines case on a bases of only charging if you win. And if you go this route, he/she will work harder knowing if they don't help you, they won't be receiving anything either.

Several ways to find a lawyer that only charges if they win a case. Buy a newspaper and look through it. I always see advertisements.  Look through the yellow pages in a local phone book. Make an appointment, and see what they say.  If they take your case, they're pretty sure they're not going to lose. It's a win situation for you. You're only a click away from finding more info about disability.

My recommendations are.

I sent for all my medical records. While I was waiting for them to come in the mail, I went on Social Security's web site, and read. Then I book marked it, came back each night and read all about the steps to apply and  their guide lines. I never got a lawyer,  I never went to their office, and only had to answer the phone a couple of times while waiting. But I did have to take my records to the local office, and even put them in a drop box because it was crowded and I had to pick up my Grand-Son at school. I was approved.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helped.

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