Use A Diary for Your Migraines..Make a Connection.

Why keep a diary for your migraines?

Fact is we've all forgot what we've done the day before sometimes, and in my case I have trouble remembering what I ate yesterday. But anyone that keeps a diary can look at it, and know exactly what went down the day before. Many people keep a diary or journal, and write down their day to day events. But in the case of a migraine sufferer that diary can play an important part in discovering what may be triggering their migraines.

A diary is a simple, handy document that can be filled in, and then taken to the doctor. And in turn that will help him understand the unique pattern of your migraine symptoms, and in turn choose the treatment that is best for you. One could also play the detective and study it. There may be a clear pattern on what's causing the headaches. We had two friends that suffered with migraines. Ones headache was due to aged cheese, and the others headaches was cologne.

With over three hundred different causes, the pattern could emerge quickly. Migraines may show their ugly head the day after a person is exposed to something, or eats something that is a migraine trigger, so go back a day to make a connection.

Here's what to do concerning the Doctor.

When going for the appointment, take your diary, and ask what information should be recorded in the diary. Make him be specific on what he wants. Take a pad, and write down what he says, because if the head is hurting, you may forget something. "Mine doesn't have to hurt for me to forget".

For instance, can you remember what you ate a couple of days ago? I can't, but it'll be written down in the diary for your migraines, and can be looked at in an instance. You can print this diary , or even several to use. Also print off our page on food triggers, and also our page on migraine triggers. Then when a migraine strikes, go to the diary, then look at the pages on what can cause migraines, and a pattern may be seen.

Ask your doctor, he may even provide you with a diary for your migraines.

A few more pointers if you go to a headache specialist that can be used are!! Enter the following information in the diary as soon as you can after an attack, and be sure to bring the diary with you to the doctor.

  • The date of the attack.
  • How much pain was had, and the symptoms that went with the migraine, such as, nausea, vomiting, light or sounds bothering you.
  • Where was the exact location of your pain.
  • Did the attack disable you, in other words did you have to go to bed.
  • What kind of medicine did you take before the attack and after.
  • Did the medication help your pain.
  • If you had an aura, explain exactly what happened, and how long did this last.

And be sure to write down the pain level.

You know how some Doctors will keep copies of anything you give them for their files? When you print a copy of the diary for your migraines, print out several so you, and he/she will have one to.

(I once sent a page in a pill book in with my wife to show some side effect to her Doctor, and when she came out she said he kept it.)

Don't leave out anything that happened before the attack. Jot down everything.

Such as how your sleep patterns are, did a storm come through before you got your migraine, or something upset you, and anything else that comes to mind. You cannot change mother nature, but it won't hurt to make a connection on this to. Although migraines are built into the biology of the brain, some people inherit a sensitivity to certain things you wouldn't believe, like noise, stress, certain foods, and like we said above, even a storm front coming through.

With a diary for your migraines, you may soon see a pattern to what conditions are triggering the migraines. Many factors in life are hard on the toughest of people, but for a migraine sufferer a migraine trigger may send you to bed, or even worse, to the ER.

All the information one can find will be helpful in their migraine treatment.

Also, if your child needs a migraine diary, there are two great books to .

One diary is about child migraines, and tells the story of one mans fight to help his young son fight the pain of headaches.

The Headache Detective is a headache management workbook designed for helping young children and teenagers fight the battle against recurring headaches. The creation of The Headache Detective started when a loving father looked for a better way to manage his son’s migraine headaches. Over the course of a year, the son’s headaches started to take over the family and were creating issues at school and at the workplace. The increased frequency and random headache patterns were putting a strain on the whole family.

This is a cost effective way to find what is causing the head to hurt. Instead of reaching for pain medicine, and never thinking what may be triggering the migraines, by keeping a diary for your migraines may avoid many migraine attacks, and a bunch of suffering.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helps.

More info about a migraine diary on our next page. Home page from diary for your migraines.

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