Daily Migraines...What Causes These Migraines

Daily migraines, or chronic daily headaches aren't the norm.

If ones head has just started hurting 24/7, go to the Doctor immediately. If this everyday headache has been going on for a while, and you haven't been to see a headache specialist, then an appointment is in order. Although we have several pages on this subject, a visitor may not catch but one page, so we have to make the most out of one page.

Everyday migraines require quite a bit of brain power on thinking about how to relieve them without having rebound headaches.

Certain kinds of migraines and other headaches require different treatments.

At the top of the list is Chronic Daily Headache or (CDH). These may have specific causes that have to be found to help one. In other words, what could give a migraine sufferer this type of headache? Let us remind you that 95% of migraine sufferers respond positively to treatments.

It doesn't hurt a bit not only to seek treatment for daily migraines, but also learn as much as possible about migraines. The headache sufferer alone accounts for 50% or more of their own help, when it comes to treating their head pain. Some migraine sufferers even know what makes their head hurt, and they still break over, and give their self a headache. (We know a man that triggers a migraine when he eats a hot dog, and he still eats hot dogs!!)

A typical migraine is not daily, but migraine is often the headache under lying CDH. There's techniques for treating them, maybe with or without hospitalization. But these headaches are extremely difficult to treat, and sometimes require hospitalization, or intensive outpatient treatment to break the pain cycle.

There are a number of migraine triggers to avoid, and migraine sufferers encounter these each day. Then to help, a pain reliever is taken.

Transformed Migraines can also account for daily migraines

Headache specialists call the transformation of occasional migraines to chronic daily headaches "transformed migraine". Several factors can cause this. One theory is that over the years the disease gets worse, until at some point the headache sufferer starts having them everyday, but then again not every headache sufferer ends up with transformed migraines. Go figure. Maybe some manage their migraines, and others pay no attention until one strikes!!

Number one cause of daily migraines is???

We have this one in a number of pages. This is the old get caught in a trap. First, if one is taking pain medicine, and it doesn't matter if their Doctor prescribed it for them or not, take a limited amount. Only two or three pain pills a week (set aside so one can remember how much has been taken.) Some doctors have their patients loaded down with a ready supply of pain medicine, and at the same time giving them a preventive medicine. Then when they don't see an improvement in their patients headaches, are at a loss as what to do!!!

My wife's headache specialist says that migraines are normal believe it or not, but a daily headache or migraine isn't and needs to be address. In other words don't add to the migraine pain by adding the know factors that increase pain over time such as to much, to often pain medicine.

You have to trace the headache down, and for up to 85% of migraine sufferers it's because of pain medicine. Called rebound headaches. That everyday migraine may not be a 10 pain level but hurts bad enough that a pain pill is needed.

One can buy it at the store, or even doctor prescribed, it doesn't matter, but a migraine will pretty soon need more to take the pain away. Even taking triptans such as Imitrex will do the same thing if more than several a week are taken.

If pain medicine is taken to often, daily headaches can arise. By slowly cutting back on pain medicine, within a couple of months daily headaches may be better, and if not then the number one cause of daily migraines has been eliminated, and other possible means of migraine relief can be sought. A qualified headache specialist is then needed.

Like we said above it's important to rule out anything out of the norm when one starts having daily migraines

If one starts having daily headaches, they should have their Doctor make an appointment with a neurologist, preferably a headache specialist, to rule out anything serious that may be causing their daily migraines.

Then after all said and done, with a clear bill of health, except for their migraine still hurting, find a "good" headache specialist, either through their doctor or research it.

There are thousands of neurologist in the country, but only a few that "really know how to treat headaches".

(One told my wife one time to go back to her primary Doctor, he couldn't help her). Isn't that a bummer. We have a page on migraine clinics. Look, and research to find a trusted headache specialist that offers what you might need for that headache. You may even find one closer than you think. Everyone's migraines need the best treatment for them, and trust me, getting anything less will result in months, or years of migraine suffering.

Chronic daily headaches are the worst of all headaches.

They are a migrainurs worst nightmare, and are the one that internists fear the most. Sometimes it takes awhile to see results of these headaches. But bear in mind, the most common cause is what? You guessed it, the overuse of medications. If one knows medication overuse is definitively not the case, then put the thinking hat on. Along with a good headache specialist, and your constant thinking, you may find your cause of that daily headache. Don't get the headaches out of whack, and that's easy to do

All the best with the headaches, and thanks for reading

Our next page covers more on daily migraine. Home page from daily migraines Also by staying healthy, one may see more headache free days. Here's a site you may find useful.

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