A Daily Migraine And Some Of It's Causes..

A daily migraine is not a typical headache, and if the migraine has gotten to this point, it's going to take a headache specialist to figure it out.

There are some methods one can apply, such as limiting the intake of pain medicine that is consumed, and in 85% of daily headache sufferers this may be the reason. Also watch the caffeine, and also pay attention to anything consumed daily that could be triggering migraines.

On the last page we talked about this. One pain management Doctor told my wife, "it's not going to be easy to stop taking so much pain medicine" even though in most cases doctors freely give these medicines.

In some migraine sufferers, a hospital stay is needed while coming off of pain medications that have virtually shut down the own endorphin's in the body. The migraine will hurt much worse for sometime, until the level of ones own natural pain killers are restored.

And once again I will suggest that a neurologist is in order to rule out anything dangerous going on, that would be causing daily headaches.

Some Other Causes Of Chronic Daily Headaches

One could have transformed migraine from natural progression, tumor, leaky aneurysm, inflammatory disease, or even an infection, so that's the reason a trip to a neurologist is in order to rule out anything that needs to be treated immendialty.

But the use of several different medications, if ones Doctor has prescribed these, including the most common triptans, ergotamines, analgesics, and opioids could be what's wrong. Once again, there are Doctors, and there are "good headache Doctors". Headache specialist will try to find the cause of the daily headaches instead of prescribing to much pain medicine

If by some change a doctor is getting frustrated because he can't get the migraines to quite down, and he's prescribing pain pills to take each day, or as needed, which could turn into each day, find a headache specialist, because he/she may not be qualified to treat your daily headaches. Ask around. E-mail us, we will help find one as close to you as we can. Someone will know someplace to go for that daily headache.

Here's the clincher. The Definition Of A Rebound Headache.

Rebound headaches, daily migraines, daily headaches could be the same headache. A headache specialist can

Here's the clincher. The definition of a rebound headache.

Rebound headaches, daily migraines, daily headaches can be the same type of headache, just called by different names. Here's where a good headache specialist can figure out if it's the overuse of pain medicine or something else causing the head pain every day.

The rebound effect, which can cause ones head to hurt all the time is the tendency of a medication, when discontinued, to cause a return of the symptoms being treated to be more severe than before. Takeing something for the head today, and in turn, it causes a headache tomorrow. This is where the daily migraine slips in.

The symptoms can be worse after the medication is withdrawn than before it was used. Medications with a known rebound effect can be withdrawn gradually, or in conjunction with another medication which does not show a rebound effect.

The right way to treat a headache

If a person has frequent headaches or migraine attacks, and not yet on something, he/she should be considered as a potential candidate for preventive medications. Many times a migraine sufferer may self medicate, and not seek help when the headaches start. They may think they are having headaches, but are actually suffering with migraines. This is where the over the counter pain medicine starts. It's nearly imposible to quit but taking more, and more painkillers or other rebound causing medications are slowly making the headaches worst, until suddenly it seems like there was always a headache each day.

Preventive medications are taken on a daily basis and in many migraine sufferers cut back on the migraine attacks, therefore reducing the need for as much pain medication.

Some patients may require preventive medications for many years, while others may require them for only a relatively short period of time, such as six months.

Effective preventive medications have been found to come from many classes of medications including anticonvulsants, antidepressants, antihypertensives, and antihistamines.

Some effective preventive medications include Elavil, Depakote, Topamax, and Inderal.

One could be already be taking preventives, and still having a daily migraine. But remember, too much pain medicine can still give rebounds, and the preventives won't work as well. Checking our migraine triggers page may be in line for daily migraines also.

Here's a very good site that you can use to get info about headaches.

We hope you get those daily migraines under control, thanks for reading.

Our next page is about chronic migraine headache, and our last page covers more info on daily migraines. Home page from daily migraine

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