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In order to cure migraine, it would be much easier to find out what's giving them to you.

And sometimes that's hard, if not impossible to do. Have you ever read articles where you see something like this? "How to cure migraine." They're mostly talking about the migraine that one is having now.

And there's nothing wrong with that. Take an abortive such as Imitrex if you use them, lie down in a dark room, use heat or ice in a ice bag, and try to sleep. That usually helps my wife for her migraines.

But where do we start when we want to cure a migraine, or put it on a, so to say, back burner, or tell someone that you had migraines really bad several years ago. Well, all of that depends on the big WHAT is making YOUR head hurt. Although one migraine sufferers attacks may be triggered by different things than others, what can bring on the attacks has been established in about all sufferers. And that amounts to about three hundred causes that can produced migraines, and that can be tough to trace down

First, don't be discourage when I say, if you have inherited the tendency for migraines from your parents, your migraine may always be luring in the background, ready to jump out at something you do that triggers them.

Knowing the migraine triggers will be a big help to identify which one is to blame when a migraine attack occurs.

A few are food or beverage migraine triggers, sleep patterns, weather patterns, hormone migraines for you gals, and more.

The good thing about this is, if a sufferer finds out what provokes their migraine, they now have a choice of keeping away from whatever it was that made their head hurt. A migraine can be caused by foods or the most common migraine triggers. For instance, one woman gave us information on red peppers that provoked her migraines, even if she smelled them.

Headache sufferers can suffer with neck headaches.

Something within the area of the neck, such as pulled muscles, facet joints, irritated nerves, and even whiplash cause headaches, and in many people, go into migraines. We have a page on neck headaches, and recommend buckwheat pillows to cope with headaches from the neck, because one spends many hours a week lying in bed, and if a pillow that isn't designed for migraines is slept on, wouldn't help much for a migraine cure.


Cure migraines by going to a chiropractor, or a acupuncturist if the cause is in the neck.

They specialize in neck problems. When you put forth the greatest effort to prevent headaches, there's a good chance a migraine cure can be had. But you have to work with those migraines, there's no magical wand that will take them away. If there was, there wouldn't be millions of headache and migraine sufferers going to doctors.

You have to try and find what is causing YOURS to hurt.

If you had a hundred migraine sufferers that knew how to cure migraine "their migraine", you'd be totally knocked off your feet as to what they found out was causing their heads to hurt. And by saying they found their cure for migraine, I don't mean that they never had another headache, but that the frequency, and severity was reduced tremendously. I don't think there is another part of our body that can have so many different forces come together to make it hurt, do you?

As we said on one page about migraine prevention, you have herbs that have been used for hundreds of years like feverfew, butterbur, and there's also Migrelief, and magnesium. They're even given a seal of approval by headache specialist.

Butterbur Bush

On our page about migraine prevention , it's pretty close to this page on how to cure migraine. If you read these two pages you can see how to prevent a migraine by changing lifestyle, taking supplements that have been tried and tested by countless migraine and headache sufferers, treating the cause if you or your doctor can trace it down, and if all else fails take migraine preventives for the migraines.

By doing all you can to prevent your migraines, you can have your migraine cured. We've talked to headache sufferers that found out that their headaches and migraines was triggered by, aged cheese, cologne, low magnesium level, aspartame in drinks and many foods, by missing meals, by taking to much pain medicine (hard to believe isn't it?), heads bent over the PC like we are doing now, to even constant arguing with her boyfriend. The last one said when her boyfriend left, so did her migraines.

So you see, it can be hard to find what's causing migraines in an individual. Many people will go to doctors, and never think that they may be triggering their migraines on a daily basis by something they're doing, and most likely never giving it a thought. There's no magic cure for migraines, but it helps to know exactly what can cause them. With that knowledge, a migraine sufferer can pinpoint what may be causing them.

Buy a couple of books to read about migraines and headaches if you don't already have any. It'll be worth the money to just lay back and read. I read them, and they are filled with info, and many are written by migraine sufferers just like you. Strive to find your migraine cure. Our next page is on new migraine treatment. Home page from cure migraine.

Thanks for reading, we hope this has helped.

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