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Fill in the form at the bottom , ask a question, and we'll get back to you. We've been there with migraines for years. This is my wife above that has had migraine surgery. She had migraines that wouldn't respond to the conventional treatment. Five to ten percent of migraine sufferers fall in this group. She is being helped now, but it's been a long journey. We'd like to  hear about your headaches and what you may have been through with doctors, and also the headache specialist that have helped.

A little about us.

We have one Daughter, Son In Law, and a Grandson. We live in a small county in Va with a population of 5,000 or so. 

We also  have several cats, (one staying close), and also a dog by the name of Angel. Our Grandson named her.

But back to the migraines. As you can see my wife ended up having surgery to see if that would help the relentless pain she has suffered for years. And yes it helped.

Not saying all would benefit because many migraines are from the overuse of pain medicine to help the pain. And you know about rebound headaches. Then there are millions of migraine sufferers that just cannot eat or drink certain foods and beverages.

But then there are those that no matter what they do, and pay attention to, are at a loss for help. The migraine surgery, while not for most, may be the answer for a small percent of migraine sufferers.

So on the contact about migraines form, if you will, ask us questions, leave us anything regarding your migraines. We would love to give answers or even pass on advice.

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