Constant Headaches, What Causes Them..


Constant headaches are the worst kind of headaches.

These headaches can come about by sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, and most of all, over use of pain medication, just to name a few. This type of headache/migraine is the worst kind. Headaches or even migraines are norm for people, believe it or not. But when one has this pain constantly, it has to be addressed. These headaches are called evolution migraine, and are often felt by headache sufferers that have experienced headache for many years..

We'll talk later about a couple of different types of headaches/migraines that can give a 24/7 headache. We have this in many pages, and that's because our e-mails are usually about headache sufferers that are simply taking to much pain relievers, and have been doing that for years. And they have a constant headache from simply trying to get rid of their pain. And who doesn't when their head hurts so often?

Even after someone listens to a doctor (some doctors will , most don't) tell them about rebound headache, or reads about what will happen, many get caught up in the take a pill for pain, and the pill in turn, makes the head hurt tomorrow

The only way a migraine/headache is diagnosed is by telling a doctor the symptoms of the migraines/headaches.

Many migraine sufferers are misdiagnosed with the wrong type of migraines/headaches, and don't receive proper help. So we also recommend finding a top notch headache specialist for a constant migraine/headache. These are not headaches to be trying to treat alone. And if ones doctor doesn't have enough experience for the job, then drop him/her, and look for a headache hospital or a headache doctor that is highly recommenced.

My wife's last headache specialist wouldn't see someone unless all other headache doctors had failed. That speaks a little about him.

Have a  physical to rule out something going on that may be otherwise missed. There are a number of physical aliments that could contribute to a everyday headache/migraine, and a doctor could point this out. Just a couple of things could be high blood pressure, infections, or even a old head injury.

But as we said above these everyday headaches are mostly experienced by those that have suffered pain for a long time.

Try to avoid overusing pain medications, even over the counter medications, because they can make the headaches worse in the long run. One may not find the actual constant headache cause by taking to much pain medicine. That keeps the headache out of whack.

There's many causes of headaches/migraines. One that is expercening constant pain may want to pay attention to foods and beverages that can cause their pain level to spike if they are allergic to them.

Dr Pepper

 Many factors combined together can keep heads hurting constantly. Print the migraine food triggers page, and start there. This page on chronic daily headaches might have some info we forgot on this page. There may be something that can be applied to find headache relief.

If the constant headaches come with nausea, have the doctor write a precripition for nauseas medicine. It's bad enough to have pain constantly, one doesn't want to be sick, and also suffer with the headache.

If one has constant headaches and neck pain a pillow may help. A combination of different things helped ease my wife's headaches down. We also just wrote a page about the definicey of magnesium, and how a small percent of headaches are caused by this mineral, which is important to our well being.

Suppose too many pain pills are taken, one may be allergic to a couple of foods, and maybe a beverage in the food triggers page. Could that produce a headache everyday?

There are two headaches that can hurt 24/7. You see, if one can't help their headaches with some headache/migraine management( which by the way, won't hurt)then it's time to seek the help of a headache specialist, because there are several different types of rare headaches.

My wife has, or shall I say had a constant headache behind her right eye. Her headache specialist said she may have been suffering with this type of headache. But that wasn't the case, but he was digging deep, for no other doctor had ever suggested that.

When her headache specialist ( Dr Stuart Stark in Alexandria Va) looked at her, he said she could be suffering from hemicrania continua (half of head, and continous pain)or occipital neuralgia. After all, constant headache need to be addressed, not treated for years with no success.

When I asked her headache specialist some questions he said that scar tissue could form around the occipital nerve, and the head could hurt 24/7.

But one could have a constant headache in the back of head. And again, if the above methods that are applied doesn't work once again find a what?. Give anyone a reasonable amount of time, and if headache/migraine relief isn't found, move on.

I had a woman e-mail with a question. She said she had a headache everyday, plus a couple of migraines a week. When I asked her about her consumption of pain medicine she said she was taking a Imitrex every day or two for pain. Her chronic daily headaches was from the Imitrex. There is a reason for constant headaches, and they need to be treated aggressively. Don't keep suffering, one has to find the best headache doctor.

All the best on those headaches, thanks for reading

Our last page was on chronic daily migraine, and our next is more information on chronic headachesGo to home page from constant headaches Link on everyday headaches

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