Read How Disturbing Complicated Migraines Are..


Complicated migraines are much rarer than common migraines.

Some symptoms of complicated migraines are:

  • Difficulty talking
  • Difficulty using one side of the body

At one time all migraines without aura were called common migraines. About eighty percent of migraiuners have this type of headache. The other twenty percent or so had migraines with aura (visual problems) and these migraines were called classic migraines. Then there were a small percent that had symptoms that were uncharacteristic of the other two. Symptoms that are downright frightening.

Then the International Headache Society started to rename headaches by different types. And different migraine "variants"or types have many characteristics in common that makes them easy to organize into groups.

This was well thought out because different complicated headaches respond to different preventive and rescue treatment. Sub-types of migraines have symptoms that need to be addressed independently from the head pain. And with some complicated headaches there's a greater risk of stroke, as we talked about in the last page.

A couple of the symptoms of some of these types of migraine was listed above. Don't hesitate to go to the doctor if you've just started experiencing complicated headaches. You want to find out what's going on.

Thunderclap Headache

A small percent of migraine sufferers suffer with auras that start before the migraine. But complicated migraines are different because the neurological deficits are there during the headache phase also, instead of before the migraine.

Although it's agreed by doctors that headache sufferers that have complicated headaches should be on preventive treatment, it's a toss up as to whether they should take triptans, and risk a stroke in some, due to the vasoconstriction action of these medicines. Bottom line, be safe, not sorry.

Let's go through some of the complicated types of migraines to give you idea of them, and their symptoms.

Let's start with a hemiplegic migraine. What is this one, and its symptoms?

These migraine symptoms strike half of the body. Half of the body becomes weak during the headache phase. Migraineurs that have hemiplegic migraines have a very strong family history of this condition. The treatment for hemiplegic migraine is the same as complicated migraine.

Another disturbing migraine is the basilar migraine.

The symptoms of basilar is similar to vestibular migraine. Symptoms of this migraine are:

  • Severe dizziness
  • Balance problems
  • Nausea, and vomiting

Although basilar migraines may not have head pain with them, the duration can be as long as the common migraine.The most frustrating problems with this migraine is the dizziness, and nausea which will have to be treated. Basilar migraine is one of the most disturbing migraines because of the symptoms that it has.

Animated Eye

Ophthalmoplegic migraine is another rare migraine type.

This is a rare syndrome in which the eyelid droops (a common migraine can also make the eye draw), but you won't be able to move the eye in one or more directions with this one. Although the episodes are brief, there is much head pain with Ophthalmoplegic migraine.

There's also the retinal migraine which is a rare syndrome.

  • The sudden loss of vision in one eye is associated with headache.
  • It usually last less than an hour.

This headache is important to discuss with a doctor because in some cases the vision loss can eventually become permanent. No matter how brief it is, report this to a headache specialist.

Hypnic headache

  • This is a unique headache that strikes people between forty and eighty.
  • It occurs at the same time each night, lasts somewhere between fifteen minutes to an hour.
  • The pain tends to be all over, and does not come with the usual headache symptoms such as runny nose or some of the other symptoms that migraines display.

The usual headache medications are not effective but specific treatments such as caffeine can be effective at reducing the pain.

Also hemicrania continua is another complicated migraine.

One last thing to remember that may be of great importance is the overuse of medications which accounts for up to 85% of chronic daily headaches. Although not a complicated migraine it can lead to someone wondering what is wrong, that they could suffer with pain everyday.

Thanks for reading

We hope this has helped you somewhat on complicated headaches or as one visitor said they're complex migraines. Those two terms speak for their self and doctors very well could make the wrong call on their diagnosis When describing a migraine don't leave out one symptom.

Our last page is how to help migraine pain. Back to our page about migraine stroke. Home page from complicated migraines.

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