Complicated Migraines Need Appropriate Treatment..


Complicated migraines are called that for a reason.

Unlike the common migraine or even the classic migraine, complicated ones speak for themselves. This is one of the sub-types of migraines, and there're several types, all should be looked at by headache specialist. They're a much rarer form of migraine in which the headache is associated with a neurologic deficit during, and often after the pain phase. This type of migraine can be very serious, and even the best doctors find it very difficult to diagnose, and it can cost a life if a doctor is wrong in his/her diagnose.

I'll give an example.

A few years ago my wife, by reading some of the other pages, suffers from migraines. One night she went to sleep on the sofa. At about nine, I woke her up and noticed something wasn't right. I had to help her up and led her to bed. I wanted to call the rescue squad, but she said no. But she keep asking me what was wrong. I think she had a complicated migraine. By one o,clock, she didn't know who I was.

We took her to the hospital (major one), they kept her in emergency all night, knew she had a migraine, and just observed her. They thought she had a stroke. The next morning, they assured us she had no stroke. They then took her to a room, let her out on Sunday, and the Doctor said he had no idea what happen to her. She experienced some Complicated headache symptoms. She was admitted on Friday night and by Saturday morning she was once again all right.

The most common symptoms of a complicated migraine

  • Difficulty speaking
  • Difficulty using one side of the body
  • Alteration in sensation on one side.

Migraine sufferers that have this kind of migraine, may be at a greater risk for stroke than those with regular migraines. That's the reason a headache specialist should make the right diagnose with the appropriate treatment.

The complicated migraine differs from a Ocular migraine,because the neurologic symptoms are present during the headache, rather than before. Just to give an example of one of the complicated migraines and a stroke symptom.

One scary hemiplegic migraine symptom is:

This is one of the specific kinds of complicated headache, and is a stroke symptom also.

  • Half of the body becomes weak during the headache phase of the migraine.

Another type of headache is the basiler migraine, also another complicated one.

This one includes:

  • Severe dizziness
  • Balance problems
  • Nausea, sick, and vomiting.

A basiler migraine is one of the most disabling migraines because of the terrible symptoms.

Yet another is the ophthalmoplegic migraine, another complicated one.

This is a rare syndrome in which the eyelid droops, and the eye can't be moved in one or more directions. Partial, or complete paralysis of the nerves that are needed for eye movement may be lost for awhile. A complicated migraine also may have dramatic focal features, and a persistent neurologic deficit that remains for at least twenty four hours after the headache.

A normal migraine will not harm the mind or body function permanently, but the complicated headache prolongs the time of the migraine attack, which may pose unexpected harm to ones mental health.

It's still unclear what causes this kind of migraine, and different people may have different triggers.

Some triggers for complicated headaches

What triggers these migraines are basically the same triggers that will cause all migraine sufferers heads to hurt. By learning what the head doesn't like may be more pain free days to enjoy. Just to name a few:

  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Sleeping to much, or not enough could all induce these headaches.

Also, high blood pressure should be controlled.

If you've been diagnosed with this type of headache, vasoconstrictors (ergot) are to be avoided. And some medications such as estrogen's. If this is done and complicated migraine attacks are still present, beta blockers, or calcium channel blockers may help. A headache specialist would know what medicine to prescribe.

We've covered several types of complicated headaches. These aren't normal migraines, and are often hard to diagnose. Headache specialist are a must for these. The same thing applies for all migraines. By taking care of the body, reducing the amount of stress, eating right, to even taking vitamins and herbs all can contribute to less headache frequency and less painful days.

Thanks so much for reading

Our last page is on ocular migraine, and our next page is about migraine without headache. Home page from complicated migraine. Web site on getting the right diagnose.

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