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Complex migraines are frightening.

These migraines are called so because of the nature of them. This migraine is experienced by a small percent of the migraine population. It's also called a complicated migraine by some specialist. (If you look it up in the dictionary complicated also means complex) 

It takes a good headache specialist to make that call. Don't be surprised if you haft to go to several headache specialists before receiving the right diagnose.

My wife went to several headache specialists, and each one said she suffered with a continuous migraine. Within 1/2 hour her last and best headache specialist said she could also be suffering with hemicrania continua, or occipital neuralgia.  

Symptoms that could be had with a complex migraine.

This is a neurological condition that can effect:

  • Hearing 
  • Ability to talk 
  • Sight 
  • No ability to direct movement.

These symptoms require a hospital visit to rule out a stroke  Migraine sufferers are more susceptible to having strokes than non migrainures, so the possibility of strokes are always on the mind. Not all of these symptoms are going to be present. Depending on the part of the brain the attacks strike.

We had a lady tell us she had this migraine years ago and her husband thought she had died. She couldn't move, and was taken to the hospital. Her migraines were triggered by menstrual she said.

The theory behind migraines, and this type of migraine, the complex migraine, is that the blood vessels in the brain suddenly constrict (narrow), and that interferes with the blood flow.

The difference in a stroke and this type of migraine, is once the blood flow returns to normal you're OK. And that doesn't happen in a stroke. One of the worst things while having a migraine of this nature is panic. Any of the symptoms above can be as worrisome as the pain itself.

What could trigger a complex migraine?


Surprisingly the same things that can cause other types of migraine attacks. Other pages have this but we'll let you know in case there're missed.

  • Stress is a big factor in all headaches. It's how the body and mind react to change. To much, and unwanted symptoms such as headaches pop up. 
  • By controlling stress and practicing good sleep habits, headaches may be avoided. 
  • Avoid using to much caffeine, and alcohol. Both trigger migraines. 
  • Controlling menstrual for women can avoid an attack. 
  • Certain foods may trigger headaches in some sufferers. Many foods to look at.
  • Scents and chemicals will trigger migraines. 

We've heard from our visitors about alcohol, milk, peppers, aged cheese, MSG which is found in most processed food, and perfumes that have provoked migraine attacks. The list is long, therefore many don't connect their migraine attacks to anything specific.

Fill in a headache diary to make a connection.

Once you learn what all can cause or trigger migraines, then by keeping a diary attacks may be less. By filling it out each day a complicated migraine may be avoided.

When a migraine strikes fill in the:

  • Date and time the headache started. When it stopped. 
  • Type of pain pounding or stabbing. 
  • The pain level from a 1 to 10. Where it hurt. 
  • What were your symptoms, and what you took (medication). 
  • Each day write down each thing you did, anything you came in contact with, and what was eaten and drank.

Study this and let the doctor look at it. Over several months depending on the frequency of the attacks, there may be some things to emerge that are triggering attacks. 

Preventive medicines will be give to decrease the complex migraine attacks. These preventive  medicines won't be as effective if something is triggering these migraines and nothing is changed. You would still have break through migraines.

Thanks for reading.

Our next page is about optical migraines, and our last page covers classic migraine. Home page from complex migraine

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