A Coital Headache Can Ruin A Great Night...


A coital headache is a sexual headache or a orgasm headache.

One sexual headache symptom is severe headache. Although we have several pages on sex headaches, and orgasm headaches, a coital headache is no different. These headaches can come on slow, "preorgasm", or blow the head off at the time of climax. This headache can also be induced if someone that masturbates. The first time this headaches strikes a trip to the ER may be in order.

It's hard to tell how many people that this pain has struck while having sex that were actually brain aneurysms.

Most sexual headaches are benign.

But if you have:

  • Dizziness 
  • Vomit 
  • Disoriented 
  • Head doesn't quit hurting

These are symptoms to take serious.

Sex headaches are experienced by about one percent of the population.

That accounts for thousands that have this unpleasant symptom while having sex. People are more prone to sexual headaches if they suffer with migraines, and headaches than if they never have headaches.

Doctors prescribe:

  • Beta blockers
  • Indomethacin  for sex headaches. 
  • Taking something as inexpensive as Ibuprofen before sex may help avoid a orgasm headache.

For some sufferers, these sexual headaches run their course, and all is well. But for many more, they can be a troublesome worry every time you have sex for months or even years. For every women that has a sex headache, three men suffer with them.

How to keep from having coital headaches.

The same thing works for sexual headaches. Abstain for a couple of weeks from sex, and masturbation, to see what happens. And if you cave in, take some Ibuprofen before sex, and that may help.

Our last page is about a severe headache like an orgasm headache that hits suddenly called a thunderclap headache, and don't miss our next page on a exercise migraine. An exercise headache can be spontaneous like a sex headache. And about one third of migraine sufferers have this migraine if they exercise. Home page from coital headache.

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