Coital Cephalalgia is A Sex Headache.. When to Worry..

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Coital cephalalgia is a sex headache or orgasm headache.

The definition of coital is sexual intercourse. The definition of Cephalalgia is a pain in the head or neck area. Put them together, and you have pain in the head during sexual intercourse.

A sex headache to be exact. Since masturbation also stimulates a person, the same effect can be had by this act.

Symptoms of sex headaches

Most of the time cephalalgic starts at..

  • The base of skull
  • Moves toward the front of the head.
  • Sharp, and severe pain behind the eyes are common.
  • A coital headache usually has an immediate onset, meaning the pain doesn't mess around. The longer the intercourse or masturbation lasts, the worse the pain is. And some cephalgic sufferers feel as though their heads are going to explode upon orgasm.

You're not going to like this one guys, but a coital headache during sexual intercourse is three times more likely to strike you than your better half, namely the woman. A coital cephalalgic (sex headache) during intercourse is seen in about one percent of the population, but in all reality, it's hard to tell how often it really strikes because of one reason. Most are embarrassed to go to the doctor. It's easier to just Google it.

Although a doctor would probably order a CT scan to exclude intracranial bleeding, or a mass lesion as a cause for this extreme pain, most coital cephalalgic (headaches) are harmless, except the pain and the frighting experience.

The time length for this sexual headache:

  • Usually in a few minutes they're gone.
  • In some people they last up to several hours.
  • In a very few people they can last up to several days.

What triggers sex headaches?

It's thought that people that have exertion headaches are some of the same ones that have headaches during intercourse.

Treatments for the ones that have cephalalgia during sexual intercourse, or masturbation are:

  • Dropping a few pounds if overweight
  • Putting the love life on a back burner for a few weeks
  • Abstaining from masturbation
  • Also taking medication for the headaches to help with the pain.

Up to ten percent of men taking medication for erectile dysfunction may experience coital cephalalgia. So watch the Viagra boys.


If someone suffers with migraines, a sex headache could trigger an attack.

Keep in mind if you have any symptom other than the headache, such as confusion, neck pain, or dizzy headed, a trip to the ER is in order.

Prescription medicine that is used for sex headaches

  • Indomethacin is used, but this medicine is a monster on the stomach. You don't want a headache during sex, and also a stomach that is hurting equally as bad.
  • Propranolol, ( Inderal, a blood pressure medicine) is prescribed as a preventive medicine to use before sex. This slows the pulse, and also lowers the blood pressure.

Exercise may reduce the chance of recurrences of coital cephalalgia (sex headaches) but in some headache sufferers exercise can trigger headaches. So it's your choice on this. Try taking Ibuprofen before sex if you don't want to take a prescribed medicine.

Although coital cephalalgic may strike more than anyone actually reads, or knows about, it appears not to be something to worry a great deal about. It often runs its course.

Check out our last page if you ever get an exercise migraine. Find some more info on sex headaches. Home page from coital cephalalgia.

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