Have Chronic Migraine "Suggestions To Help"

A chronic migraine can bring ones life, to a stop.

There's nothing worse than chronic pain, especially the pain of migraines. The definition of chronic is continuing for some time. Before we give some reasons why ones head never stops hurting, there's about five to even ten percent of migraines that suffer with this relentless pain.

Chronic persistent migraine has ups and downs, you know, the good days, and the bad. Now think about this, on a good day something hasn't sent the pain above the threshold. On a bad day "something" has sent the pain way above that level.

And it may be more than one trigger that's doing this. This is what we have to think about. What one may be doing everyday that could possibility keep the pain l from stopping?

At one time my wifes every day migraine was because of pain pills. She had to stay in bed every few days because of this. This is probably the number one reason a person may have a chronic migraine. Up toward 85% of chronic migraine headache is because of this.

We'll give the info again in case someone doesn't know, but pain medicine everyday has to be tapered off to no more that a couple of pain pills a week. Any more than that can turn migraines into chronic everyday migraines.

If this is the reason for these headaches it will take a few weeks to see a difference in the frequency, and intensity of the pain. If pain medicine doesn't apply toward the headaches, then we can skip to the next step.

For a chronic headache sufferer, a good day means that blood vessels in the head are only mildly swollen, and inflamed. A bad day means that the blood vessels disturbances, and pain are severe.

Changes In Diet For Chronic Migraine

Very few people give any thought to what they eat or drink. It just tastes good. But for the ones that suffer with migraines, there are certain foods in the food chain that are sure to start raising that pain level after they are consumed.

It may take up to a day to get the migraine, from eating or drinking something that will trigger a migraine. And this one isn't as clear as knowing how much pain medicine that's being taken a day for the pain. This could be something as simple as eating cheese, or drinking a diet pop each day.

Go to the food triggers page above, and print, or write them down. When a migraine hits, look at what those triggers were, and think about what was eat or drank a day before. Leave these foods and drinks out of your diet for a month or two, and see if there is a difference in the headaches.

Many of the chemicals in certain foods can cause chronic headaches in some migraine sufferers. We've never had a headache Doctor tell us this, although I guess some do.

Stress is another big factor in migraine sufferers.

Most people have stress these days, and that doesn't help a migraine sufferer one bit. If one ate or drink something that directly affected their blood vessels in their head, then took pain medicine on a regular basis to help with that pain, and added that to a very stressful life, and are prone to migraines, there most defiantly will be quite a few migraines to cope with.

Try This Simple Plan,and see if the Chronic Migraine is any better

One should be very strict about their pain medicine. No more than two or three pain pills a week. (Eighty five percent of chronic daily headaches are because of this) More than that will increase the headaches. Watch the foods, and certain beverages. The foods don't cause migraines in everyone, but some can't eat certain foods, and not trigger a migraine. Every time a migraine hits think what was done, and what was consumed. Write it down. The next time a migraine hits do the same. Then after several times of this, compare the notes. See if there's something that stands out. If there is then don't do it and see if that helps.

If all this fails, don't keep going to the same doctor. Research, and find a headache hospital or a headache specialist that has a good reputation for helping chronic migraines. Good headache specialist in a short time may be able to narrow down where the pain source is coming from. We've seen the difference, and it's worth the time to find some of the best. The difference between pain, and being virtually pain free.

All the best, and thank you for reading..

Our last page is about chronic migraine headache, and our next is about chronic daily migraine also. Lots of info about those stubborn headaches.

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