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A chronic migraine headache, or chronic daily headache (CDH), is classified as experiencing fifteen or more days with a headache per month.

Migraine headaches may be 24/7 to a small level, many migraine sufferers are.

One may have transformed migraines over time, and they evolve so slowly, it feels like they have always been there. Wake up with it hurting, and go to bed the same way. True migraine sufferers cannot tolerate much pain medicine. We have e-mails of migraine sufferers taking pain medicine everyday. Then they have rebound headaches each day also.

Chronic migraine headaches won't go away just by cutting back a little on the pain pills. Many migraine sufferers are going to doctors that are free with pain medicine, such as Lortab, Percocet, or some other pain medicine, and it's to be taken at the onset of pain.

These will only help for a few hours, they will only make it worse over time, until one morning, the headache has transformed into the daily migraine headache.

Here's an example. One starts having headaches, and they buy Advil migraine, or Excedrin Migraine to help with the pain.

If one has a tension headache once in a while (I know some that do) that may work. But suppose those awful headaches are really migraines.

A couple of pain pills today to help, and more tomorrow, and all of a sudden one has a headache each day. Before we go in to talking about several things that can be done for chronic head pain, the solution to that above is, cut out the medicine that is causing the chronic migraine headache. Not saying this is the reason for the everyday migraine headache, but if it is, in a couple of months one should start seeing some relief. It will work! My wife went through the same thing once, and this was adding more pain to her head every day.

The treatments for chronic headache are vast, and varied. Medicinal, and non-medicinal methods exist to help patients cope with chronic headache. If Pain Medicine Is Not The Cause, Then Some Other Methods That Can Help.

Treatment plans are often created on an individual basis. Suggested treatments for chronic headaches include medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, relaxation training, and biofeedback.

In addition, dietary alteration and behavioral therapy or psychological therapy are other possible treatments for chronic headaches. So there are more than one way to help a migraine. We'll talk a little more on these later.

Migraines Sufferers Nervous Systems Are Overly Sensitive.

Migraine after migraine makes the sympathetic nervous system greatly overactive, unless you take measures to protect yourself. It's the fight or flight attitude.

Even while one is recovering from the last migraine, many are always anticipating the next one.

Change in perception that will help you!

Don't think the worst about everything. There are factors that you have no control over in life, and there's no use losing sleep over them.

Stress And Other Factors Could Led To A Chronic Migraine Headache in some people.

The abnormal types of stress response are not specific to any headache pattern, but it affects the migraine sufferer in unique and individual ways. A migraine sufferer has a particularly unusual response to stress, in that the migraine episode often occurs in the let down following stress.

It's almost like the stress gathers in the nervous system, and is then discharged by vascular over activity in the let down period.

Did You Know That Chronic Migraine Headache Is Number Four In Disabling Medical Conditions?

Many people don't understand migraines, and the pain one goes through. It was researched in 1997 by the Global Burden Of Disease, and found that chronic headaches was ranked in the top four most disabling medical conditions.

It's up with quadriplegia, active psychosis, and depression. Many are surprised, because migraine is not a life threatening condition, the pain just feels like it.

A few suggestions that may help a Chronic Migraine Headache.

(1) Abortive medications such as Triptans after you stop taking Analgesics, such as aspirins, ibuprofen, and narcotics. But they can't be taken often either but work much better to abort a migraine.

(2) Non-medicinal treatments such as physical therapy where you work together with a therapist to help identify, and change physical habits or conditions that affect your chronic headaches. Physical therapy for chronic daily headaches focuses on the upper body, including the upper back, neck, and face.

(3) Acupuncture involves a certified acupuncturist picking particular points on the body to insert acupuncture needles, these points may differ on an individual basis.

(4) Relaxation

(5)Changes in diet, which could be a food or drink that you are consuming on a daily basis without giving thought to.

(6)Behavioral and psychological therapy can also be applied.

It may not be an easy road, but with much thinking one most likely will be able to help the chronic daily migraines.

Our next page is on chronic migraine, and our last page is about daily migraine.

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