Chronic Headaches ..Get Your Life Back!!

Chronic headaches can, and do ruin many migraine sufferers lives.

We know that to. To be considered as having chronic migraines or headaches one has to suffer with headaches as least fifteen days a month. Now that's a headache every two days. Since it takes some time for a headache to manifest, and then longer for it to ease down, by my calculation, one would be suffering just about every day each month.

I know that you've read it before, but think!! How much pain medicine does it take to ease a headache or migraine? The statics show that 85% of chronic headaches come from taking to much pain medicine, to often. And just because a doctor prescribes it, that makes absolutely no difference.

Many doctors (not headache specialist) may account for some migraine sufferers daily headaches. Most are willing to prescribe pain medicine. And before long, by taking daily pain medicine, a headache sufferer could start having chronic daily headaches. But in all reality, two to three pain relievers over two days a week can result in chronic headaches.

But a look at the pain bottle, may read something like this.

Take every six hours as need for pain. Since your pain relief is probably given for many different ailments, you won't find a label saying, this may end up giving you chronic headaches if taken every day!!!!

The "keyword phrase" here, is to manage those headaches. One really has to focus on those chronic headaches/migraines because 50 % or more of headache management comes from the individual that sufferers with them.

What to do for chronic headaches/migraines if all else fails!!!!

For millions that are helped by taking preventive medicines, there's also many more that go by the book, and still have no relief of their relentless pain. While underlying conditions are sometimes found that are causing migraines, in most cases, none can be pinpointed, even by doctors.

Seeing one for twenty minutes every three months (sound familiar) , may not uncover anything. Then again, it's much easier to write a prescription than anything more. (Had a doctor tell me that)

If there's no underlying disease causing the migraines/headaches, then a preventive medicine is given. Usually the standard line of treatment is a combination of drugs. (Here's what my wife has taken).

#(1)Beta blockers such as Inderal, Tenormin, and Toprol-XL help someone that has episodic migraines.

#(2)Antidepressants such as tricyclic, and SSRI which is a different antidepressant group, helps some headache sufferers. These would also help the depression, and anxiety that all to often come with chronic headaches.

#(3)Also, you may be prescribed anti seizure medications such as Topamax, Neurontin, and Debracote. (In my opinion, take these medicines with caution, and pay attention to the side effects).

#(4)Also, you may be given NSAIDs which are non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. You may use these sparingly when your headaches become severe. Botox, and nerve blocks also help some chronic migraine /headache sufferers

Some chronic daily headaches remain resistant to all medications, and this is the one that stumps even headache specialist.

What can one do as a chronic daily headache sufferer, if they go by the book, and still find no relief?

Although you have to find a doctor that is up to date on this procedure, and one has to meet the criteria, one being headaches that haven't been controlled by the usual methods, plus several more headache symptoms, then he/she should recommend someone that does a type of headache surgery.

The headache specialist carefully chooses patients who might respond to headache surgery, and then pairs up with a plastic surgeon who performs the surgery, called a nerve decompression. This type of surgery isn't preformed at many hospitals.

My wife sufferers with chronic daily headache, one that never leaves.

The next line is going to make you cringe. It has taken TEN years to find a headache specialist who knew, and recognized that something other than the standard treatment was going to have to be applied. Did I mention that he's good!!

She had the headache surgery four weeks ago, and although it looks promising, we won't go any farther. She will have several more of these procedures done in the months to come. We were told by some of the nurses at the hospital where the migraine surgery was done, that many have complete headache relief after the surgery. Not like five thousand years ago when they bore holes in headache sufferers heads.

Update on the migraine surgeries.

The better half has had three migraine surgeries, and is now much better. As one can see on the occipitial nerves, and the other two at her temples, and eyelids.

A quick trip to the CVS pharmacy after the surgery found a woman that suffered with chronic headaches.

She suffered with her headaches for years also. One thing that she said that rung a bell was she tried to help her headaches by taking pain medicine for the pain!!!!!(It's terrible that with all of the pain a headache sufferer is in, and you still can't take something such as pain medicine to help.)

I gave her all of the info that I could, plus the name of my wife's headache specialist.

Our conclusion on this chronic daily or near daily headache is. Make sure you aren't having rebound headaches, read the pages in here that you may think will have some useful info (sitemap), and above all else, don't wait TEN years to try and find help. See if you're a candidate for some other type of headache treatment.

For more information about this migraine surgery, one can read some great info on the procedures that are done.

Our last page is information on a constant headache.

We hope you have a good day, and thanks for reading

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