Chronic daily Migraine.. First steps to take..


Chronic daily migraine, the steps to take for relief.

If you're reading this page there's a good change you or a loved one suffers from this type of migraine. Migraines are bad enough, but when one sufferers from a mild to a very painful migraine all of the time, that stinks doesn't it?

Migraines can go from a few a month or more, then suddenly evolve into a headache that doesn't quit hurting?

It's hard to belief that migraines can be so complicated if one isn't plagued with them? Not only are there different types of migraines, but one can have a headache, and then end up with a migraine.

These chronic daily migraines are called chronic daily headache, transformed migraine, chronic daily headache syndrome, chronic daily headache evolved from migraines, transformational migraine, and so on.

In other words, an episodic migraine headache can turn into a chronic daily headache.

And one of the biggest reasons for this type of migraine is the overuse of analgesics?

If one is taking any kind of medicine to help with their pain, over a period of time the headache could turn into a daily one.

This chronic daily migraine is the doctors worst nightmares. There's a toss up of finding the right treatment that works.

One can go to a headache specialist, and if he/she finds something that works (each person responds differently), that's great. But if not, even if you have to travel several hundred miles to a headache hospital, by all means don't suffer if there's help. And make sure they offer invasive procedures. It may take that to help that chronic daily migraine.

The first step to help those daily headaches is stop with the pain pills if this is the case. (Taking over two or three pain pills a week run the risk of developing daily headaches.) If this doesn't seem to be helping, then visit our food, and beverage page to look at what could trigger a migraine.

If that still doesn't work then think on the line of a mineral such as a magnesium deficiency, or even a vitamin deficiency. Remember, we're just doing the elimination here of what could give one a chronic daily headache.


Magnesium can be bought at a very reasonable price, and combine it with more supplements that smooth the blood vessels in the head. These vessels are the ones that hurt and are giving the daily pain.

The minerals such as magnesium, vitamins, and also herbs help with relief of the migraines for some sufferers. See where you're at in a couple of months. In some of the other pages we told of people we know that suffered with migraines because of eating the wrong foods, a magnesium deficiency, and even being around cologne. One of these triggers may not be the culprit, but several added together may keep one with a headache.

Although the ones above never said if they were plagued with chronic daily migraine, if they hadn't found out what was triggering their migraines, and just kept taking pain medicine on a daily bases, would their head have started hurting every day? Probably no one could answer that.

If you see no relief from your migraine in a couple of months, look for a hospital such as the Mayo Clinic, or even take a look at Chronic Pain Management Support for more info.

Your primary doctor won't know how to treat this migraine, and neurologists that aren't headache specialist won't either. We called the Michigan Headache Hospital, and was told that this is a every day complaint for them. The woman we talked to also said they are the best headache hospital in the world, but there are many more that deal with daily chronic migraine.

Something else that can give one constant head pain.

More food for thought. Have you been in any kind of an accident? Head, and neck injury can cause chronic daily headache, and migraines. A closed head injury can result in tension type headache migraines, and occipital neuralgia. If these are not corrected your pain could stay with you. Acupuncture may help if this is the case.

My wife was diagnosed with chronic daily tension headache with migraines several days a week. Then another headache specialists diagnosed it as a migraine that doesn't quit. To find out the types, causes, symptoms, and alternative treatments that can be used look at the

If one has chronic daily migraines, they shouldn't suffer with them. Everyone deserves pain free days. If the above is applied, and there's still no relief, go to a headache clinic that treats headaches aggressive.

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