Chocolate Migraines..Eat White Chocolate..


Chocolate migraines aren't caused by the chocolate, but by two ingredients in the chocolate. But chocolate taste so good, doesn't it?

Chocolate contains a chemical substance called tyramine and some people are sensitive to it. It's also found in cheeses, and red wine.

Tyramine is a chemical found in cocoa beans which increases the activity of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) in certain areas of the brain. Both of these substances can constrict blood vessels, and constriction causes head pain.

Also chocolate has caffeine which is associated with headaches if to much is consumed on a daily bases.

Although chocolate is not a good source of caffeine, an average chocolate bar will have between ten, and sixty milligrams of caffeine.

Dark chocolate contains about as much caffeine as a cup of Decaf coffee. A cup of hot chocolate contains only about five percent as much caffeine as a cup of perked coffee. Someone would have to consume quite a bit to have chocolate migraines from just the caffeine.

By having migraines from eating chocolate, the tyramine is most likely the chemical that is giving the migraines. Don't forget about foods or beverages that also contain these chemicals in them, because if one gets a headache from eating chocolate most likely they aren't paying attention to the others either.

But as with all migraine sufferers, chocolate will not trigger migraines in many. If you notice that the migraines start after a whole chocolate cake is ate (just joking) then print off our diary, and keep check. It shouldn't be a hard one to figure out.

But if you're drinking an aspartame soda while consuming a piece of chocolate cake, then think. I've watched people do this. Aspartame can also trigger headaches in some people.

Diet Drink

There's actually no evidence that chocolate gives migraines, But!

You have to take into account the amount of testimonial evidence from hundreds of thousands of migraine sufferers who say that chocolate is a trigger. Many that stop consuming chocolate, claim that there was instance relief. And just as quickly if they forgot, and started back on it, their chocolate migraines returned.

Can white chocolate be eaten without giving a migraine?

White chocolate is a confection of sugar, cocoa butter, and milk solids. White chocolate does contain some cocoa. White chocolate is similar to milk chocolate, but without the cocoa base.

Without any real cocoa bean content, white chocolate is not really a chocolate .

Since it does not contain real cocoa beans and the many healthy nutrients which are present in the cocoa beans, and since it has a high content of fats from both cocoa butter, and milk fat, white chocolate is by far the least healthy of the chocolates. But for a trade off of a migraine, it's not hard to make a choice here is it?

Something else to think about when a chocolate migraine attack occurs.

Dr. Audrey Halpern, clinical assistant professor of neurology at New York University School of Medicine, said that it might be safe for the migraine-prone to eat chocolate. Apparently many headache specialists, including Dr. Halpern, believe that chocolate doesn’t cause migraines, but rather that craving chocolate might simply indicate that a migraine is on it’s way.

In order to test that theory, the next time you really want to eat chocolate, don't do it. Do without chocolate several times, and see if each time you do without it, a migraine occurs. If there is a migraine she's right.

But if there's no migraine, go back and eat some chocolate. See what happens. If there's a migraine, that will eliminate that theory.

Thanks for reading, have a good day.

Our last page is about more migraine food triggers to watch for, and our next page is about one trigger, and that's caffeine. Home page from chocolate migraines.

A link about chocolate migraines will be interesting to read.

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