What Causes Migraine Headaches in Individuals..


Something causes migraine headaches, and one will have to find out what's giving them migraines.

There are many causes of migraine headaches. The causes of migraine headaches are endless. What causes your headache may not be the same cause of another's migraine.

Each persons migraine has different migraine symptoms, and different causes, different migraine triggers, and therefore has to have different migraine treatments.

Just think, if I knew how to cure each ones migraine by each one giving me their migraine symptoms, then I would know what causes migraine headaches, and I would be rich instead of poor, oh well!!!!!!

But seriously I wish I could. But we know how complicated all migraine headaches are. You could have a migraine trigger (something that causes migraines), that you have never give a seconds thought to.

Then the cause of your migraines may be because of Mom, and Dad. You have from a fifty to seventy percent more change of developing migraines if your parents are plagued with headaches/migraines.

If this is the case your migraines are probably going to be triggered by a wide variety of events such as foods, beverages, your surrendering, even some drugs.

Download this dairy, and print it off, and keep a close watch on everything you do leading up to your migraines. It will take a small amount of time, and effort, but will be well worth it if something clicks.

Here's a few things that causes migraine headaches in many people.

At the top of the list is pain relievers for migraines. Many people overuse pain pills on a daily bases to help with their migraines/headaches. And, believe it or not, this is one cause of migraine headaches.

It's one that sneaks upon you before you realize it.

The second cause of migraines is indulging in something (food trigger page) that doesn't like you. All of us are guilty of that one, but for migraine sufferers there are certain foods that directly effect the blood vessels in your what? That's right, your head.

After you keep a close tab on the first two causes of migraine headaches, go to the next ones.

You guys can sit back, and relax on this one, but there are millions of women, and with their hormonal changes each month, suffer with what my wife used to call PMS migraines. Another cause of migraines.

And this is one that each person alive has, "stress". No one can ease around this one.

From worrying about our jobs, to being aggravated on the jobs, not having enough money (does anyone have this problem?, you don't have to answer, to worrying about our health, or a loved one. The list goes on. Some people can handle stress, but for the migraine sufferer, stress can cause migraine headaches.

Migraines can be provoked by physical factors. Straining to lift something, sex, or anything that you have to exert at, can give you a migraine headache.

And my wife has sensory stimuli such as bright lights (the sun will make her head hurt), and loud noises kill her head. Our Grandson can get overly active (11) and she will go in another room to stay away from the noise.

She has a time with unpleasant odors. Being in a room with smokers is a no, no.

One more thing you should do is set your biological clock to getting up, and going to bed at the same time each day. This can help your migraines from being triggered.

Here is another cause of migraine headaches in some. We have a woman that goes to church with us that says she can tell when a different weather pattern comes through. She has a headache/migraine.

Out of all of these causes of migraine headaches, the one above is the one that you can't change. What causes migraine headaches in one may not cause migraines in another. Migraines are complicated aren't they?

But for the other migraine causes you can control. You can quit taking so much migraine pain medicine "if you take very much" no more than two or three pills a week, and that may be to much.

Check the migraine triggers, and don't just assume that others are affected by food or beverages, but you aren't.

For the stress in ones life that they are in control of, you change it, and for the stress that one can't control, there's no need to worry about it.

And don't forget to buy a cheap "book on migraines". I've read them, and one can find out what causes migraine headaches also, and it will be handy to read if they slip the mind. One won't find any better information anywhere. One can find migraine info much faster than loading up the computer.

The above is the most common of what causes migraine headaches.Your own migraines may be caused by something more complicated than the common migraine triggers, and you may have to see a migraine specialist.

Our last page covers magnesium and migraines, and our next page is about more migraine causes. Look for a headache specialist on this page. If one has persistence headaches, one will need the best to help them. Here's books on migrainesInfo for migrainesGo to home page from what causes migraine headaches

Thanks for reading

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