Let's dig into The Cause Of Migraine Headaches..


It's just not one cause of migraine headaches, but quite a few causes for migraine headaches!!!!

There's quite a few causes/triggers. Let's cover some that can cause migraine headaches.

In some cases the cause may be contributed by several things. A secondary cause could be making the head hurt, such as:

  • Bad facet joints in the neck
  • High blood pressure
  • Disk in the neck
  • Whiplash can cause headaches

Find a headache specialist that will put forth 100% effort trying to trace the origin of the migraine or headache.

But opinion has swung back and forth, between two beliefs about migraines. One is, the cause of migraines originate in the nervous tissue of the brain, and number two is, blood vessels in the skull dilate and contract, causing vascular headaches. Even in this day and age, and with all the technology available, in migraine and headache causes, there's still much to be learned.

Somewhere along the nerve pathways, it is thought that imbalances in serotonin may be involved in the cause of migraine headaches. When serotonin levels drop, it's thought that this causes the trigeminal nerve to release substances, which start on their journey to give a headache.

Try as hard as we might, this field takes professionals that work everyday to better understand headaches and migraines for pain relief.

No matter how many factors that are involved, it only takes one trigger to light the fuse to have a full blown migraine. Just a few of these migraine triggers are:


There are many triggers of migraines. Keep a diary and when you feel a migraine or headache attack, jot down what you did before you got it. A cause of migraine headaches may be found.

A few more migraine triggers to consider are:

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Did the weather change?
  • How has your routine changed?

When it comes to routines, any change can become a trigger. Is there more migraines on weekends? People stay up later, sleep in longer, therefore ruining their routines.

Caffeine intake can change on weekends, therefore triggering a migraine or headache. To much stress can sure upset your natural balance, and give you migraines and headaches.


If you argue with your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend you could sure end up with a headache. Remember, you love them. All of this, plus more, can be a cause of migraine headaches. Invest in a UV-safe pair or sunglasses for light, and watch out for that computer, another trigger in some, and also hard on the neck. Take a few minutes to rest your eyes.

Forty five percent of headaches originate in the neck. This is the reason migraine pillows help many that suffer with neck related headaches.

Fifty percent of helping migraines is up to the sufferer. Since you're one that has migraines, you'll have to learn all you can about headaches..

If you take preventive medicine, and trip up on a migraine trigger, most likely they'll be a migraine. Always be on guard for something that the head doesn't like.

You may not read the page where we had friends that suffered with migraines, until they identified what triggered them. Once they did, their pain stopped.

Look for the cause of migraine headaches, and when you find it, it might be something you wouldn't of ever expected.

Thanks for reading.

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