Can I get Disability for Migraines.. Yes You Can


The question is, can I get disability for migraines..My question is, why couldn't you?

Let's start by saying we know you have migraines. But how bad are they, and how much help have you received for them? If you've had them for several years, and despite doctors trying to help without much relief, and you're missing more and more work, than it's time to give some thought to filing for disability because of the pain you're going through.

Migraines by most accounts are controllable.

As a matter of fact, around 95% of migraine sufferers headaches are controlled by migraine preventives. But what about the 5%, and some estimates climb to 10%, of migraine sufferers that medicines, and other methods of migraine prevention don't help? Out of this number, thousands go to work each day with the excruciating pain of headaches.

Make no mistake, when we give small percents above, that figure just in the United States alone may be somewhere between one and three million migraine sufferers that aren't being helped for their headache pain.

And many of our page views come from all over the world.

"We wish there was a magic pill that would take all headaches away, but in all reality, we know there aren't any."

Now for the clincher.

  • You have to be off from work for a year before you can sign up for Social Security Disability.
  • If you're working a job that pays some sort or short term disability, and you're unable to work, you may want to check on that. Something that will give you bill money, but not count by saying you're actually working. Most people can't stop working for that long, so you have a double whammy on you. The question, can I get disability for migraines is yes, if you can't work, and have been off for a year without any letup of pain.

And if you're like some migraine sufferers they have been off work for some time because of their daily headaches, my wife had to quit work because of the relentless pain.

While some doctors are reluctant to admit that they aren't helping their patients, others will consider how much pain you're in each day by what you tell them at each office visit, and will put a word in your favor for you if you tell them what you're going to do.

Let them know that you can't work, or hold a job because of the everyday pain you have to endure. If you haven't done this, go on the Social Security Disability's website, and look around.

Read the different steps they take to see if you qualify for disability. There's much to be read on their website. Even call Social Security, and let them know what's going on, and they will give you advice on what to do.

And above all, be honest with all of your answers to their questions. To the question of, can I get disability for migraines, the answer once again is yes. Don't put this off, take action.

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