Does Butterbur Migraine Really Work for Migraines..

Butterbur Plant

Butterbur migraine reduces the frequency of migraines.

Butterbur acts as a prevention without the side effects of modern medicine. Conventional medicines have worked well for millions of migraine sufferers to find relief of the relentless pain of their migraines.

And it would be a miss informative web site if I tried to say that many take migraine preventive medicine that has been prescribed by doctors and found no migraine relief. The fact of the matter is, about ninety plus percent of migraine sufferers have found a doctor prescribed medicine that works for them. We have several pages on migraine abortive's.  When there's a migraine attack, no herb or preventive that a doctor has prescribed will take the pain away. That's when something such as a Imitrex is needed.

What we're talking about is butterbur migraine giving less and less days of pain and also giving less intensity of the headaches.

The reason we never go to the doctors office, and he/she will write down all of the Vitamins, Herbs and even minerals that will help us is:

  •  Conventional medicine will always be prescribed because it makes money.

Clinical trials suggest that supplements such as butterbur migraine, feverfew for migrainesVitamin B-2, and magnesium which is a mineral, (very important to our bodies) are just as effective as the most powerful drugs available but with few if any side effects. 

While  taking butterbur migraine,  look for something that may be triggering the migraines.

Just to name a few are:

Just to name a few.

Butterbur migraine root extract helps adults and been studied for migraine prevention in children, and adolescents.

A trial study, using 50 to 150mg of butterbur root extract on 108 young ones between the ages of 6 to 17 that had experienced severe migraines for at least a year,  was done. After four months,  butterbur produced some great results. To start with, 77% saw a reduction of their migraines, and after four months 91% reported an improvement.

Something to think about if undecided about taking butterbur migraine.

Many triggers can give  migraines. Sometimes it may take a couple of factors to come together to trigger a headache or migraine. Even some side effects of conventional medicines can give headaches when they're prescribed for headaches. We once heard a doctor say he thought a patient was having headaches because she was taking to much medicine???

But butterbur has no such side effects. Native Americans used butterbur hundreds of years ago for:

  • Inflammation 
  • Headaches

One of the best ways to find out if a drug, herb, vitamin, or mineral will help migraines is to look at clinical studies.

And in the case of using butterbur for migraines, here's another study.

In 245 migraine sufferers, that suffered between two and six migraine attacks every three months, 50mg and 75mg was given. After four months the attack frequency was 48% in those taking 75mg, and 36% in the 50mg migraine sufferers. Also,  the attack frequency of the migraine sufferers taking 75mg after four months was cut in half by 68% of the sufferers. The butterbur migraine dosage taken in 75mg, suggested a significant benefit. And studies suggest that taking 50 to 100mg twice a day is even more effective for headaches.

Feverfew Plant

The most common side effect of butterbur is burping.

As a side note for many of you that are taking prescription medicine, let the doctor know what you're planning to do.

As we said above other than butterbur for migraines there is also magnesium for migraines, riboflavin for migraines, and feverfew for migraines. One side effect of feverfew is that it can decrease the bloods ability to clot. If there's a blood disorder, don't use it. These herbs and supplements are also prescribed by some doctors that have recognized their ability to fight migraines.

The side effects are much less than are found in prescription drugs.  Lessening the intensity and frequency of migraines is just one benefit of these supplements. Each one has more benefits in the body. And a inadequate supply of several can trigger headaches.

Our last page covered a vitamin also used for migraines called niacin, and our next page has even more info about migraine herbs for headaches. Home page from butterbur migraine.

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