Butterbur for Migraines How This Herb Works..

Butterbur Plant

Butterbur for migraines has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years.

They used Butterbur as a remedy for headaches, and inflammation. Migraines and headaches respond to many forms of treatments. What elevates pain from migraines for one sufferer may not work for another. That's the reason different combinations help migraine sufferers. The goals for headaches will be to decrease the frequency, and severity of the migraines. Not only does butterbur manage headaches, so does feverfew. Both are herbs that have been used for hundreds of years before conventional medicines were made.

Some headache sufferers even have a deficiency of magnesium, and that can trigger migraines. It's been found that vitamins, mineral (magnesium), and herbs take the edge off the pain of headaches, and in some sufferers stop or cut back on the frequency of the attacks.

Hundreds of years ago headache and migraine sufferers knew that Butterbur helped headaches, and that was enough. But today, studies have been done for the public. Here are several that pretty much sums up Butterbar.

Not only was butterbur found to help migraines, Butterbur can also help asthma.

Studies have shown that there are two ingredients in butterbur that help headaches. They are called petasin, and isopetasin. In migraine attacks there's swelling, and inflammation in blood vessels in the head during an attack. While petasin is thought to reduce spasms in the walls of the blood vessels, isopetasin has an anti-inflammatory effect, and it's important in inflammatory response.

Two clinical studies using a standardized butterbur extract over three months, showed as much as sixty percent reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks compared to placebo, and the pain and duration were also reduced.

Studies have also found that butterbur extracts reduce bronchial spasms in asthma, and bronchitis sufferers.

Also, for anyone that sufferers with allergies, butterbur for migraines works as well as antihistamines.

Butterbur for migraines side effects.

Although butterbur has two compounds that are extremely effective in helping migraines, it also has compounds that are called PAs (short version), and even in small doses can be dangerous. Butterbur can also cause serious liver damage, and has been associated with blood clots, and lung scarring.

To set your mind at ease about using butterbur for migraines as a preventive, the toxic alkaloids have been removed. There're butterbur extracts, and to be safe, read on the bottle where it says it's PA free. When buying, purchase butterbur root extract, sold under the brand name of (Petadolex. Butterbur isn't the only herb that has pyrrolizidine alkaloids(PAs)in them.

Here's a bit more info about this amazing plant.

During the middle ages, butterbur was used primarily to treat the plague, and fever, as well as colic, and bile flow obstructions.

But today, butterbur is mainly used in herbal medicine for asthma, chronic coughs, and spasms of the gastrointestinal and urinary tract. And, for a migraine sufferer, butterbur for migraines is used as one of the migraine preventives. If it doesn't take the edge off of the headaches, a headache specialist is in order. Some specialist even recommend herbs for relief along with a preventive medicine.

Butterbur for migraines dosage.

Between 50 MG to 75 MG twice a day for migraine relief. As with any medicine, it will take several months for you to see the full effect .

Butterbur for migraines side effects are few. One out of four may have digestive system side effects, and that's mostly burping.

As a reminder, don't go and plant any butterbur plants for the consumption of headaches. What is purchased has been formulated for use in treating migraines without the dangerous butterbur side effects that could be had from consuming the plant.

We've covered butterbur side effects, butterbur as a migraine preventive, butterbur being toxin on the liver, and butterbur dosage for migraines.

After hundreds of years this plant speaks for itself. It's been there, and done that. There's quite a few courses of treatments to be applied for the relief of migraines. We've had emails from sufferers that have found relief by using vitamins, mineral, (magnesium) herbs, and also heard from migraine sufferers that have found out what triggers their migraines. Preventing a migraine attack can be as simple as finding what triggers one. Print off a diary to track of those headaches.

On our last page we talked about feverfew, and its ability to relieve headaches, and our next page we'll discuss the value of vitamins to help control head pain. Home page from butterbur for migraines.

Thanks so much for reading our butterbur for headaches page. We hope we covered the info you needed.

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