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What are Bucky Pillows?

Buckwheat pillows, and Sobakawa buckwheat pillows all have basically the same filing, buckwheat hulls. Although Bucky has pillows that are not buckwheat filled, a buckwheat pillow will have what it takes to manage neck pain, headaches, and so forth.

A company was founded in nineteen ninety two to market comfortable natural buckwheat hulls pillows. These pillows caught the eyes of retailers across the United States.

The company's name was Bucky, and you know the rest.

They're great pillows like the sobakawa pillow, and the original buckwheat pillow. What's so special about Bucky's? It's a respected company that is making them. There's no magic ingredient in them, no more so that other respected company's that make buckwheat pillows.

Some that know how to sew have beautiful, well put together buckwheat pillows they have made, just like all the ones that are highly advertised as the best buckwheat pillows.

You're not purchasing a cheap made product when you get a bucky pillow.

They have products that relieve:

  • Tension
  • Soothe stress
  • Comfortable at home, work, or whenever you travel.

One bit of advice.. U-shaped pillows can sometimes force the head forwards, creating neck stiffness. If suffering from migraines and headaches, pick a buckwheat pillow that is right for you. We don't want to create more pain, we want to take it away.


Out of (45,000,000) people that suffer with headaches in the USA alone, about half of their headaches originate from something wrong around their neck area.

Buckwheat pillows are great for the relief of:

  • Headaches
  • Stiff necks
  • Symptoms of Menopause
  • Snoring
  • Health problems related to the neck

But since this site is about help for migraines, and headache sufferers, we feel that buckwheat pillows meets or exceeds the expectations of headache sufferers for neck (headache) problems.

Here's a review for a bucky pillow.

For a few years I had tried the Tempurpedic pillow specifically designed to help with neck pain, their "NeckPillow" model, named aptly enough. Responsive to heat and pressure, the Tempur material is designed to be soft where softness is necessary and firm where support is needed. My personal experience was of partial relief, a reduction of pain and fewer morning neck aches.

The buckwheat hull pillow, or "Bucky Pillow", as it's called by The Linen Closet in Eureka, California, where I bought mine, uses buckwheat hulls as its cushioning material.

Like the Tempurpedic pillow, it conforms to your shape and gives you support where you need it, but unlike the Tempur-Pedic, the Bucky Buckwheat Pillow is a sack of tiny individual buckwheat hulls instead of a unified, non porous foam.

The result is a pillow that is extremely breathable as well as comfortable. Since I began to use the Bucky Pillow several weeks ago, my instances of morning neck ache have pretty much disappeared.

Also, I have been told, and have read, that the Bucky actually improves during the first two years of use. I can look forward to even more comfortable sleep in the future. Therefore I highly recommend the Bucky as a remedy for chronic neck pain.

Look at the buckwheat pillow that is selected, and read the information. If looking for a buckwheat pillow, make sure to read what it's made of, if the company is offering that information. Make sure they're using the best material. Bucky is a company name, that goes on their products, just like Vera Bradley handbags. Bucky buckwheat pillows are made from the best material to exceed expectations.

Our thoughts on a bucky pillow is that it will make a very good therapeutic pillow, as well as a comfortable one. Make sure it says organic buckwheat pillows, like our next page is on, and you will have a great pillow. Our last page was info about the makura buckwheat pillow. Home page from the bucky pillows

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