Can Buckwheat Pillows help Migraines?

Buckwheat Plant

Buckwheat pillows are used for the relief of migraines and headaches.

These pillows are an all natural alternative to other pillows.

Forty five percent of all migraines originate from the neck. Facet joints, disks, pulled muscles, whiplash, or even the occipital nerve is located in the neck, and if irritated can ignite a migraine or headache. We hope this page will enlighten one on how essential a good pillow is to someone who has neck problems, and suffer with headaches.

But also be aware that with hundreds of migraine causes, a migraine could relate to some other factor. Here's where a good headache specialist is a must.

Then he/she may be able to pinpoint what is giving the head pain.

What exactly are buckwheat hulls ?

Buckwheat hull is a by product of buckwheat milling. In China, buckwheat is a traditional filling for pillows, and has been used for thousands of years. For a number of years now, orthopaedic buckwheat hull pillows have been available in the United States.

Healers all around the world have recommended buckwheat hull pillows for optimum neck, and also for sound sleep.

If you're anything like me, the sound sleep is a winner. Also on a hot summer night, buckwheat hulls provide cool comfort.

Unlike down or feathers, pillows made from buckwheat don't retain body heat. Buckwheat pillows provide great support for the back, neck, and also the head.

Some expensive hotels have buckwheat hull pillows among other pillows to choose from, because they are natural, and hypoallergenic to increase circulation.

Buck wheat is a natural, inexpensive and renewable resource, unlike foam that is used in many of the pillows that are on the market today, and in time may not do it's intended job.

Many health care professionals have also started recommending buckwheat pillows to patients suffering from migraines, some symptoms of menopause, snoring, and the inability to fall asleep, which affects many people.

Buckwheat hulls aren't just used for pillows, but also used as filling for a variety of upholstered goods, also including the pillows and zafu (which is a round cushion). The hulls are durable, and do not conduct or reflect heat as much as synthetic fills. They are sometimes marketed as an alternative natural fill to feathers for those with allergies. Just make sure the hulls are processed, and cleaned.

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