Buckwheat Hulls Have a Variety of Uses, Pillows Being One..

Buckwheat Field

Buckwheat hulls are little hard shells that cover the seed.

The buckwheat seed has many uses, and the shells are used as a filling and pieces that can't be used for useful proposes are used for mulch. The hulls are like the hulls such as pecans and walnuts with the meat (food) inside. They are grown in fields like the one on the left, and are harvested by the thousands of pounds.The buckwheat seed is similar to sunflower seed, and it rests inside that little hard outer buckwheat shell.

The seeds are used for:

  • Flour
  • Noodles
  • Buckwheat
  • Groats
  • Buckwheat pancakes among other dishes

Buckwheat Hull

Some people have gluten intolerance's and by eating certain foods have a range of painful symptoms one being headaches. Buckwheat has no gluten and can be consumed, if you have this disorder.

What buckwheat hulls are used for

The buck wheat hulls can be used for filling a variety of upholstered goods. Some products in the pillow line to consider would be:

  • Buckwheat eye pillow
  • Buckwheat neck pillow
  • Buckwheat night pillow
  • Buckwheat napping pillow
  • Buckwheat travel pillow
  • Buckwheat lumbar pillow to name a few.

Buckwheat Flower

Buckwheat plant to the left. Buckwheat hulls can be used to fill most anything. Just use the imagination. They are most popular in pillows. Hulls can be purchased by the pound if a person wanted to make their own product. They are durable and last for years. In pillows they configure to the neck and head and are bought for proposes such as:

  • Night sweats
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Comfort
  • Insomnia

If purchasing buck wheat hulls to make a migraine pillow, make sure they are cleaned, and processed. If not people that suffer from asthma could have an attack.

Seventy percent of Japan households rest on buckwheat hull pillows.

Somewhere around seventy million Japanese people resting comfortably. Many Japanese people are sleeping on buck-wheat hulls, and have been doing so for hundreds of years. It's slowly making it's way to the United States over the last few years. More specialist have recognized the soothing powers of the buckwheat hulls and are now recommending them for their patients.

(In 2007 Japan produced 34,000 tons compared to the United States having 68,000 tons. )Incidentally, Russia, and China produced almost two million tons.

Buckwheat Farmer

Buckwheat farmer to the right. A standard pillow will have about five to six pounds of hulls, give or take, depending on how firm someone wants them. Although you aren't supposed to heat the buck wheat hulls in a microwave, they can be safely put in a freezer.

The buckwheat seeds can be heated and used as a heating pad. For many migraine sufferers a cold pack or hot pack will relieve their pain. The buck wheat hulls, and buckwheat seeds are ideal for this kind of therapy. We give this info about how well these pillows work for pain because we are a headache and migraine site. Roughly forty five million Americans have neck pain and headaches because of problems related to their necks.

We spend roughly fifty to sixty hours a week lying on our backs or sides. Even if there's no pain from headaches and migraines, more rest would be derived from a pillow that fit.

Many people also claim that their snoring problems are solved with buck wheat pillows. And even more say that buck wheat hulls clears their sinuses, another producer of headaches.

Thanks for reading.

We hope this has answered your questions on buck wheat hulls, what they are used for, and the therapy they provide. Our last page is on buckwheat pillows, a page you may find useful. And our next page is on the sobakawa buckwheat pillow. Home page from buckwheat hulls.

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