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Buckwheat hulls pillows are used for comfort, and to manage pain.

A buckwheat pillow will configure to the neck, and therefore can be used to manage neck pain, headaches, and different aliments. The Japanese have enjoyed this pillow for thousands of years, and two Japanese out of three have one. The United States is slowly learning about the benefits of this pillow for the relief of headaches ,(45,000,000 in the USA) neck pain, and the relaxation that many people are enjoying each night.

We spend roughly fifty to sixty hours a week lying on a pillow. Imagine lying on a pillow that does our neck absolutely no good. And millions have pain that comes directly from somewhere in their necks.

Some causes of neck pain:

  • Whiplash
  • Pulled muscles
  • Arthritis in the facet joints
  • Pulled discs

The head weighs around ten pounds, and the area that supports it can become inflamed by so many "things". Buckwheat pillows give relief to these areas.

Buckwheat hulls pillows are durable, and don't conduct or reflect heat as much as synthetic fills, and that's a plus for pain.

There're buckwheat pillows by the names of:

  • Sobakawa buckwheat hulls pillow
  • Makura buckwheat hull pillow
  • Neck buckwheat hull pillow
  • Bucky pillow

Buckwheat pillows consist of:

  • Buckwheat hulls
  • Liner that has a zipper to add hulls if needed
  • Outer pillow case

All have the same inter fillings of buckwheat hulls ( and buckwheat seed, which can safely be heated in a microwave, if heat is wanted for pain).

The buckwheat hulls can be put in the freezer, but not in the microwave. The better made ones have an outer cover that is cotton, and a zipper. Some of the cheap ones don't. It won't cost anymore than a synthetic pillow. Also, the little tiny organic (from USA ) buckwheat hulls conform to the neck. Some of the hulls can be removed if the buckwheat pillow has to many, therefore adjusting the pillow to fit the neck.

Here's a buckwheat pillow review:

I've had an organic buckwheat pillow for many years now and it's still going strong. I bought it ten years ago and unlike a feather or other type of fluffy pillow it has lasted longer. It's fantastic to sleep on but you may need to give yourself some time to get used to it. For one thing it is harder then most but you can shape it anyway that is comfortable for you and it will keep it's shape.

Buckwheat Field

The hulls of the buckwheat are used to make these types of pillows and they're processed, so there's no need to worry about any wheat still remaining in the pillow. They're bendable and can be put in any position wanted. Since they're different from the regular ordinary soft pillow, after you and your buckwheat pillow get acquainted, you may become the best of friends.

There're many different buckwheat hulls pillows. There's even the travel neck pillow which has been specially designed to gently surround the neck as you sleep or read during travels.

Having the right buckwheat pillow is important to resting well, which is especially important when you're away from home.

The travel neck pillow is different from others, because it offers firm support to prevent the head from falling to either side, contours the neck, and aligns the spine. It feels soft and comfortable, relieves pressure points, and prevents stiffness of the neck and shoulders. It's also small, and doesn't get in the way.

There's many more buckwheat hulls pillows to choose from. Each pillow is a personal choice. Not only are these pillows used for a goods nights rest but they also offer healing powers for those in pain.

Thanks so much for reading.

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