Botox for Migraines.. Is This For You!!

Botox for migraines is another treatment for migraines.

As people were using Botox for cosmetic purposes, some that had been plagued with migraines found that their headaches were reduced. First off, Botox has to be applied in specific places to reduce pain. That's where a headache specialist rules. They know exactly where to inject it, or they should. As we've mentioned in other pages, one treatment for a migraine will work on one migraine sufferer, but not another. Everyone responds to different migraine treatments.

I remember when botox was first used for migraines around 1990. And the fact is, it works for many.

The first time my wife had her botox injection, another lady had one that day.

My wife didn't find very much relief, but the nurse told us that the other woman called the next morning, and said her migraine was almost gone. The full effect of Botox takes place from a week after the treatment up to about three months.

Botox Injection

Dr.Braun is performing Botox Injections, and we thank him for the use of his picture. The current theories for botox for migraines has it that botox prevents the release of pain neurotransmitters, and inhibits inflammation, and that quites down your migraines.

As we said above, Botox treatments last three months or so. My wife has had ten or so treatments.

On her migraines, she says it "helps".

Your headache Doctor will put a mixture of steroids, and botox together. The steroids will kick in, in about a week.

He/she will lay out as many needles as it will take to administer the botox. They are very small.

You could very seldom see where they put the botox in on my better half. Maybe a red spot here and there.

Depending where your pain is, determines where the botox injections sites will be. On hers, the Doctor would put the botox in her forehead, and the sides, and in the back, where the occipital nerve is. Botox side effects

There are very few side effects to botox. It has been safely used for many years.

Don't be alarmed, but botox is botulinum toxin, a muscle paralyzing agent.

But when it is purified, and injected, it can be used to treat anything from:

  • Disabling neurological conditions
  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Botox for migraines.

Below is a video on botox for migraines. This is pretty informative. Enjoy it

Done watched the video? Is botox covered by insurance?

Maybe, and maybe not. If your headache Doctor thinks it will help you, call your insurance, and ask them about it. There may be a clinical trial you can participate in if your insurance won't pay.

If you happen to be on disability from your migraines, then medicare will pay for all but about three hundred or so.

Remember, if you haven't had botox for migraines, you won't know if it'll help or not. For you, it may be the difference of having enjoyable days compared to painful days.

The cost of the botox is around thirteen hundred dollars or so. They charge more, but after adjustments the price will drop. Is it worth it? If you haven't had this yet, you may be the one that will find relief from the relentless pain of those migraines.

The first time my wife got her botox, we were excited. We didn't know if our insurance would pay, so instead of waiting, I had the Doctor write out a prescription, and got it filled at Wal Mart. Cost $386.00. Brought it back home on dry ice, and in a couple of weeks took it to the Doctor, and he injected it. True Story.

All the best with the botox..

Our next page covers surgery for migraines, when you can't find migraine relief.

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