Biofeedback and Migraines..You be The Judge...


Biofeedback and migraines: Biofeedback is used to control many disorders.

Biofeedback gives you voluntary control over certain body functions, therefore relieving migraines. But will it help your migraines? Lets find out.

On many of our pages we've talked about the many things that can trigger migraines and headaches.

We even have pages on stress headaches, and we know what a lack of rest or sleep can do to one that sufferers with migraines.

Do you know there's a method that one can use to help control their headaches and migraines?

Biofeedback is a technique that can help one gain some voluntary control over certain parts of their body functions like their blood pressure or pulse rate.

By controlling these functions one can learn how to relax, and relieve their headache pain. Has any headache doctor mentioned anything about this?

Although my wife's previous doctor mentioned biofeedback for her migraines one time, there was never anything more said about it. Talk to the headache specialist to see if it may be helpful for your migraines.Biofeedback training has a vast range of what one can do for health and prevention.

Do you know how biofeedback for migraines came about?

In the early sixty's (biofeedback has been around for some time), Elmer,"Ph. D." and Alice Green were measuring a woman's skin temperature to track her physiological changes. She was undergoing a series of relaxation exercises. All of a sudden they noticed a ten degree increase in her hand temperature. When asked about it, the woman said that a headache she had been experiencing had disappeared at that very moment.

The Greens then pioneered a biofeedback temperature device, and went on to teach migraine sufferers how to alleviate their headaches by simply using relaxation techniques to elevate the temperature of their hands.

Here's what biofeedback can help with. Some of this will apply to ones migraines and headaches.

Biofeedback can also reduced the amount of drugs that is needed to help curb migraines.

Also biofeedback and migraine training for children has been shown to have marked benefits for their migraines with a track record from about eighty to ninety five percent between the ages of seven to fifteen. That's a pretty good track record.

Here's the reason biofeedback helps migraines.

It's hard to believe that one can control the width of their blood vessels by consciously focusing on them. Neat!!!! And that's just one thing that biofeedback training can help one with.

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Will biofeedback help your migraines?

Read what one can master with biofeedback. One can control functions in their body that are involuntary. When is the last time you had control over your temperature, heart rate, and your blood pressure? All of these can help relieve tension, and headache pain.

One will have to have patience, practice, and a machine to let them know they're on the right track. "That would be a gauge to check the above".

Here's how effective biofeedback is when it comes to helping people with severe chronic headaches. Seventy five percent say they have some relief, and with ongoing practice one can see permanent headache relief results.

Biofeedback and migraines isn't the only help one can receive while practicing this.

It's also very effective for tension-headaches, and headaches caused by high blood pressure.

To start with, you'll need someone trained to help you learn the ropes. Your doctor may be able to help you with this.

Biofeedback is frequently reimbursed by your insurance company or Medicare if your're on disability for migraines. And it's also offered in many pain clinics. So don't hesitate to inquire about biofeedback to use, as a means of headache relief.

You're probably wondering how biofeedback and migraines tie in.

The equipment used makes a person more aware of their body's own signals, and their own ability to control their pain.

While the body's responses are being monitored, you can actually see and hear indications of when and how the body is sending these signals. Pretty neat isn't it?

By becoming more aware of the signals, the mental and physical adjustments to decrease, or even eliminate the headache is obtained. This takes practice, and the number of doctor visits depends on the severity of the head pain, and how much is practiced at home.

Exactly how are you trained for biofeedback and migraines, and biofeedback for tension headaches, and what's used to accomplish this?

First, one will have monitoring devices called electrodes, like the ones used in a electrocardiogram, attached to the skin of your head, and probably to your neck.

These sensors send signals back to a device that monitors the headache sufferer. This monitor has a needle that rises and falls on a meter, with beeps, or other indicators that show when ones muscles are relaxed, and when they're tense.

You'll learn how to tense and relax the muscles, and the monitor will let you know your progress. With practice, one can be able to relax their muscles, and therefore prevent or control their pain without using the machine.

Other monitors also track heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, and hand temperature.

Migraine sufferers often have cold hands and feet because of poor circulation.

To help, a temperature gauge is attached to ones finger or toe while they visualize their hands, and toes becoming warmer, and warmer.

What this does is to help one relax the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow into their hands and feet, thus relieving the pressure in the blood vessels in their head.

Once one masters the technique with machinery, they should practice without it for about fifteen minutes a day. That wouldn't take long our of daily activities. Some people can warm their hands in just seconds after they've practiced for awhile.

Biofeedback and migraines used with or without aura is effective by using this technique.

We hope you consider biofeedback for migraines if other methods for migraine relief has failed. This is another means of relief out of many, using biofeedback and migraines for the management of migraines. This is noninvasive, has no side effects, and is easy to learn. By using this method for relief, eliminating any migraine trigger one comes across, taking good care of oneself, and learning as much as one can about headaches and migraines may result in many pain free days.

On our next page we have hypnosis for migraines another alternative migraine treatment. For many migraine sufferers, stepping away from conventional migraine treatments that haven't worked and trying alternatives such as biofeedback and migraines may provide relief.

All the best

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