Best Pillow for Neck Pain Review.

If you asked people what is the best pillow for neck pain, most likely there would be several answers.

Is the best pillow for pain in the neck Buckwheat pillows, foam pillows, or water based pillows? Obviously the best neck pillow would be one that is designed for the neck that hurts. Next would be a personal choice when one is chosen.

Some people fall asleep watching TV or reading, propped up with to many pillows, causing strain on their neck. We have friends that do this often. Pillows are critically important to how you sleep, and also responsible for neck pain and headaches.

Arthritis is another culprit when it comes to neck pain. Half of all headaches come from the neck steaming from something within the neck area.

A 2001 German study urges you to use a medium firm pillow because it can significantly improve sleep over the firm-firm and the soft and squishy.

So, what's the best neck pillow

Just to give a few, and I mean a few of the foam pillows, and water based pillows that may be the best pillow for neck pain, here's what's said about a couple.

They have one called the Bowtie neck pillow, and it's great for people that sleep on their sides. Helps ease neck and shoulder pain because it will help keep the head, and neck supported properly.

Also make sure you aren't allergic to what will be inside of the new pillow. Always read reviews about the pillow that is chosen. It's also been found that people with neck pain feel best with a small pillow that does not flex or extend their neck to extremes.

Another is BioPostur Memory Foam Neck Pillow that is available in two different sizes, the standard that is 24" wide, and the Queen is 28" wide. They are specially constructed with numerous, identical ventilation chambers to make each one cool, comfortable and ultimately scrunchable.

Another best pillow for neck pain is the Mediflow water pillow

It's easy to fill, and fully adjustable to your own pillow preferences. If you prefer a firm therapeutic neck pillow, then fill the Mediflow Waterbase pillow with more water. If you enjoy a softer neck pillow, limit the amount of water that is put in the pillow. Either way, comfort is assured because you're in complete control of the firmness of the pillow. You can modify the level of comfort whenever it's desired. These are but a few of the best pillows for neck pain.

The next line of best pillow for neck pain, migraines, and headaches is the buckwheat pillows.

Buckwheat pillows have been used for hundreds of years for pain, and also comfort. They are heavier than foam pillows but may compare in weight to water based pillows. We've researched these and there's very little negative feed back on these pillows when it comes to helping neck pain. Here's what's said about the rejuvenation pillow.

I recently ordered a Rejuvenation Pillow to see if it would help with my constant neck pain and restless sleep. To my amazement I was helped after the first night of using the pillow. Another benefit has been that my significant other said I did not snore with the gusto I usually exhibit.

With this pillow you can control just how much neck support is wanted. Move the neck wedge up onto the bottom pillow for more support, or down off of it for less. The neck relief pillow set, gently traction's cervical vertebrae, giving them a chance to decompress and release tension.

Also induces deep breathing, and reduces snoring. The wedge shape bottom pillow keeps your head from tipping backward. This also helps the airways to stay open and encourages a deeper breathing cycle. If you want to turn on your side, just flip the neck wedge over and on top of the bottom pillow. This increases the pillow height for side sleeping position.

To sleep on the stomach, remove the smaller neck wedge altogether and use the bottom pillow alone. Most of the buckwheat pillows are several dollars cheaper than the foam pillows. It's easy to find a good pillow for neck pain, the hard part will be deciding on which one to chose. The several we gave info on are good ones. Even doctors have pillows they recommend. The cheap ones probably won't help the neck pain. Pick one and see how many reviews have been written about them. If they're good pillows for neck pain someone will give good reviews.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you get rid of the neck pain with the right pillow.

Our next page is about buckwheat hulls pillow, and our last page is on where to buy buckwheat pillows. Home page from best pillow for neck pain.

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