Natural Best Herbs for Headaches and Migraines...

Best Herbs for headaches.

Herbal medicines, or botanicals can be used in the treatment of almost every ailment, and they're often cheaper, safer, and more effective than conventional medicines.

Herbal medicines have a proven tract record, and four out of five people around the world use herbs as their bases of their medical care. Chinese have used herbs for centuries for their ailments.

Mother nature is a pharmacist and the roots of plants, bark, leaves, berries, flowers, and seeds are the drugs she provides us. It may surprise you that about 25% of all prescription drugs contain active ingredients that come from plants. 

What we want to give  info on is the herbs strictly used for headache pain. Out of the ones we'll list, you'll have to be the judge about the ones you want to take. 

Feverfew, the best herb for headache pain.

Feverfew Plant

Feverfew is the top one for decreasing the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines.

  • Feverfew is a flowering plant that's been used since ancient times to treat migraines and inflammation. Women  can benefit from this plant also for their menstrual. 
  • Feverfew has a chemical that prevents substances that cause inflammation from entering the bloodstream and traveling to the brain where they appear to be at least somewhat responsible for migraine pain.

Ginger, another best herb for migraine pain and nausea.

Ginger Ale
  • Ginger is another herb that is a anti-inflammatory agent that is quite effective for treating migraine headaches. 
  • Take 500 Mg capsules four times daily or 100 to 200 Mg of standardized extract three times daily for headache prevention or every two hours, up to six times daily to treat acute migraine.

Consult a physician before taking if you have gallstones. Ginger is not recommended during pregnancy. Side effect is heartburn.  Ginger is also used to treat many ailments. Our link will give more info on this amazing herb.

Three more helpful herbs for headache and migraines.

  • Skullcap is another of the best herbs for headaches. It works well for tension headaches. Drink up to three cups of tea a day, or use commercial preparations as directed. Best taken after meals.
  • Evening primrose oil, another best herb for headaches, helps dilate blood vessels, helping with headache pain. Take 500 Mg capsules two or three times daily or as directed. 
  • Valerian is the last of best herbs for headaches that is a stress reducer and helps with headache pain. Take as directed for headaches.

Butterbur for migraines has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years.

Butterbur Plant

They used Butterbur as a remedy for headaches, and inflammation.  Here's a bit more info about this amazing plant. During the middle ages, butterbur was used primarily to treat the plague and fever, as well as colic and bile flow obstructions.

 But today, butterbur is mainly used in herbal medicine for asthma, chronic coughs, and spasms of the gastrointestinal and urinary tract. And for a migraine sufferer, butterbur for migraines is used as one of the migraine preventives. In studies butterbur was found to be as effective as some preventive medicines prescribed by doctors. Another of the best herbs for headaches.

Other supplements and vitamins helpful for relieving headache.

A big percent of headache sufferers have a deficiency of magnesium, and that can trigger headaches. Along with this important mineral, vitamins and herbs for headaches will help. 

  • Vitamins B 2 and B 3 are two vitamins that are known to be headache helpful. 
  • Coq10 is another recommended vitamin like substance which is found in nearly every cell in our bodies. It's fascinating what it does. Drugs such as beta-blockers, cholesterol lowering drugs, antidepressants,and psychiatric drugs lower levels in our bodies.
  • Also 5-HTP, another natural supplement is effective in treating headaches when serotonin levels are low.

Naturally no one is going to take all of these herbs, vitamins and supplements. The best herb for headaches seems to be feverfew, the herb for headache pain. Keep in mind that either some or all of these herbs, vitamins, and mineral can now be purchased in ready to take formulated capsules. One such supplement is called the New Migraine Treatment, with good reviews. Another is MigreLief and even Gelstat.

Please be aware that these herbs work so well they may interfere if you are taking preventive medicine and therefore may have to be taken in less Milligrams.

Our last page is about feverfew for migraines. Our next page is on vitamin a headache cause. Home page from best herbs for headaches.

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